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Trivia Quiz - Impromptu

I hope you enjoy my quiz on "Impromptu," this fascinating film about Frederic Chopin and George Sand. Good luck!

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Date Submitted: November 20, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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1. What was George's real name?
  A.   Aurora
  B.   Blandine
  C.   Claudette
  D.   Giselle

2. Chopin and Liszt played piano duets by what composer?
  A.   Bach
  B.   Beethoven
  C.   Mozart
  D.   Schubert

3. What game did George, Franz, and Marie play in Angers?
  A.   badminton
  B.   croquet
  C.   bocce
  D.   darts

4. In Angers, George had a dress made in the colors of what country's flag?
  A.   Belgium
  B.   France
  C.   Hungary
  D.   Poland

5. What lie did Marie tell Chopin about George?
  A.   that George was a gold digger
  B.   that George had made a bet with Alfred that she could seduce Chopin
  C.   that George was a notorious drunk and gambler
  D.   that George had slept with over 100 men

6. According to Chopin, a perfect impromptu:
  A.   does not exist
  B.   makes for a lonely life
  C.   requires years of suffering
  D.   should seem spontaneous and free

7. Why did Chopin's fiancee break their engagement?
  A.   She fell in love with someone else.
  B.   Her family thought Chopin would soon die.
  C.   She decided he wasn't masculine enough.
  D.   She hated his music.

8. George told Chopin to take her _______, because she had too much of it.
  A.   money
  B.   boldness
  C.   courage
  D.   strength

9. To whom did Chopin dedicate his etudes?
  A.   Franz
  B.   George
  C.   his mother
  D.   Marie

10. Where did George and Chopin go at the end of the film?
  A.   Greece
  B.   Honduras
  C.   Poland
  D.   Spain®   

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