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Trivia Quiz - The Ashes

It's the symbol of one of the world's oldest sporting contests - the battle for sporting supremacy on the cricket field between Australia and England. How much do you know about the iconic urn and its origins?

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Date Submitted: November 23, 2013
Quiz Categories: Sports
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Author: grant228
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The Ashes

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1. The term "The Ashes" was first coined in what year?
  A.   1877
  B.   1882
  C.   1887
  D.   1892

2. Where was the match played that prompted the English press to mourn the "death of English cricket"?
  A.   Lord's
  B.   Trent Bridge
  C.   The Oval
  D.   Edgbaston

3. In what newspaper was the obituary written which included the classic line "The body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia."
  A.   The Times
  B.   The Daily Telegraph
  C.   The Evening Standard
  D.   The Sporting Times

4. The famous Ashes obituary on the death of English cricket was written by whom?
  A.   Percival Hawthorne
  B.   Reginald Brooks
  C.   Cuthbert Thompson
  D.   Wallace Dalrymple

5. The famous Ashes urn was prepared by a group of women from where?
  A.   London
  B.   New South Wales
  C.   Manchester
  D.   Victoria

6. Who was the English Cricket Captain who first vowed to regain the Ashes on his team's tour of Australia?
  A.   Ivo Bligh
  B.   W. G. Grace
  C.   Lord Harris
  D.   Walter Read

7. The Ashes urn reportedly contains the burnt remains of what item of cricket equipment?
  A.   stump
  B.   ball
  C.   bat
  D.   bail

8. Approximately how big is the Ashes urn?
  A.   two inches - 5cm
  B.   four inches - 10cm
  C.   six inches - 15cm
  D.   eight inches - 20 cm

9. Who owns the Ashes urn?
  A.   The team that won the most recent series
  B.   The Marylebone Cricket Club
  C.   The International Cricket Committee
  D.   The England Cricket Club

10. The Ashes urn has a label on it with what inscription?
  A.   A statement from the women who created the urn
  B.   The original obituary from the British newspaper
  C.   The score from the match that prompted its creation
  D.   A verse from an Australian newspaper®   

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