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Trivia Quiz - Blood Of Eden: The Immortal Rules

Quiz on book one of the Blood of Eden series, "The Immortal Rules."

Quiz Number: 5197
Date Submitted: November 29, 2013
Quiz Categories: Literature, Fiction Books
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: Pink and Black
Average Score: 83.9 percent
Times Taken: 56 times
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Blood Of Eden The Immortal Rules
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1. What is the name of Alison Sekemoto's birthplace and home for the first seventeen years of her life?
  A.   Old New york
  B.   New Virginia
  C.   New Covington
  D.   Old Chicago

2. What is the name of Alison's sire?
  A.   Kanin
  B.   Sarren
  C.   Jackal
  D.   Jebbadiah

3. Do Jeb and his group ever reach Eden?
  A.   No, Jeb lost his entire group to the raiders.
  B.   No, the group reached Eden but lost Jeb along the way.
  C.   Yes, the entire group reached Eden.
  D.   Yes, but they were not aloud though the gates.

4. Why does Ruth hate Alison?
  A.   She is jealous because she thinks Alison likes Zeke
  B.   She knows Alison is a vampire.
  C.   She does not trust outsiders
  D.   She is jealous of Alison's looks

5. When does the group realize Alison is not human?
  A.   She bites Zeke when he tries to kiss her.
  B.   She kills Darren.
  C.   She hissed at Ruth.
  D.   her talking to the rapid she had fed from the night before.

6. Who is Alison's blood brother?
  A.   Zeke
  B.   Sarren
  C.   Jackal
  D.   Mathew

7. On the last page whom does Alison decide to look for?
  A.   Kanin
  B.   Jeb
  C.   Her old "crew"
  D.   The prince of new covington

8. Who saves Alison's life in Old Chicago?
  A.   Ruth
  B.   Caleb
  C.   Zeke
  D.   Kanin

9. In the end, what are Zeke and Alison's feelings towards each other?
  A.   They want to kill each other.
  B.   They don't care if the other lives or dies.
  C.   They are in love.
  D.   Alison wants to avoid Zeke while Zeke is madly in love.

10. Overall, how many of Alison's friends die?
  A.   1
  B.   5
  C.   7
  D.   12®   

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