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Trivia Quiz - Kansas City Chiefs History & Facts

Questions about coaches, mascots, jersey numbers, Super Bowl trips, of the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Date Submitted: December 18, 2013
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Kansas City Chiefs History  Facts
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1. Which of the following is not one of the official colors of the Kansas City Chiefs?
  A.   red
  B.   gold
  C.   blue
  D.   white

2. The Kansas City Chiefs made their first trip to the Super Bowl in 1970. What team did they defeat by a score of 23-7?
  A.   New York Giants
  B.   Detroit Lions
  C.   Green Bay Packers
  D.   Minnesota Vikings

3. Warpaint was the original mascot of the Kansas City Chiefs and he has been resurrected several times throughout the years. What is the name of the more recent Kansas City Chiefs' mascot?
  A.   Joe
  B.   Chief Arrowhead
  C.   Wolfie
  D.   K. C. Wolf

4. Who became head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013?
  A.   Romeo Crennel
  B.   Andy Reid
  C.   Jim Schwartz
  D.   Herman Edwards

5. What is the official fan club of the Kansas City Chiefs?
  A.   Chiefs Nation
  B.   Chiefs Pro Club
  C.   KC Nation
  D.   none of the above

6. Kansas City great Derrick Thomas played for the Chiefs from 1989-1999 and his jersey number 58 was retired in 2009. What position did Thomas play for the Chiefs?
  A.   quarterback
  B.   linebacker
  C.   center
  D.   safety

7. In 2013, the Kansas City Chiefs started the season undefeated through how many games?
  A.   3
  B.   5
  C.   7
  D.   9

8. Beginning in 1972, the Kansas City Chiefs began playing their home games in what stadium?
  A.   Arrowhead Stadium
  B.   Chiefs Stadium
  C.   KC Field
  D.   Convocation Field

9. Kansas City hired this coach in 1989 and he led the Chiefs to seven playoff appearances in his ten seasons as head coach. However, he never led the Chiefs to a Super Bowl appearance. What is this coach's name?
  A.   Gunther Cunningham
  B.   Marv Levy
  C.   Marty Schottenheimer
  D.   Dick Vermeil

10. Who are the biggest rival of the Kansas City Chiefs?
  A.   New York Jets
  B.   San Diego Chargers
  C.   Denver Broncos
  D.   Oakland Raiders®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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