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Trivia Quiz - Carolina Panthers History & Facts

Questions about coaches, mascots, jersey numbers, Super Bowl trips, of the Carolina Panthers.

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Date Submitted: December 22, 2013
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Carolina Panthers History  Facts
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1. Which of the following is not one of the official colors of the Carolina Panthers?
  A.   silver
  B.   red
  C.   black
  D.   blue

2. Who did the Carolina Panthers hire as their head coach on 2011?
  A.   Dom Capers
  B.   Don Shula
  C.   Mike Shula
  D.   Ron Rivera

3. In just their second year of existance, the Carolina Panthers recorded an amazing 12-4 record and made it all the way to the NFC Conference Championship game. What team defeated them in that game in 1996?
  A.   New York Giants
  B.   Green Bay Packers
  C.   Chicago Bears
  D.   Minnesota Vikings

4. What is the official mascot of the Carolina Panthers?
  A.   Sir Purr
  B.   Paddy Panther
  C.   Purrific
  D.   Ralph

5. John Kasay scored 1,482 points during his 16 seasons (1995 to 2010) with the Carolina Panthers. What position did he play?
  A.   wide receiver
  B.   kicker
  C.   running back
  D.   tight end

6. What song do the Carolina Panthers play after every home victory?
  A.   Carolina
  B.   Gone to Carolina
  C.   Carolina On My Mind
  D.   Sweet Caroline

7. What jersey number does Carolina Panther running back DeAngelo Williams wear?
  A.   4
  B.   21
  C.   27
  D.   68

8. What city do the Carolina Panthers call home?
  A.   Columbia, SC
  B.   Charleston, SC
  C.   Charlotte, NC
  D.   Raleigh, NC

9. What college quarterback did the Carolina Panthers select in the first round (and first overall) of the 2011 NFL draft?
  A.   Julius Peppers
  B.   Star Lotulelei
  C.   Luke Kuechly
  D.   Cam Newton

10. What is the name of the Carolina Panthers' cheer leading team?
  A.   Carolina Topcats
  B.   Carolina Hot Cats
  C.   Panther Pretties
  D.   Carolina Hotties®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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