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Trivia Quiz - Children in the Crossfire

"Children in the Crossfire" is a very beautiful and moving film about the successful creation of friendships between Catholic and Protestant children of Northern Ireland in the 80s. I highly recommend it to anyone who has a heart for peace.

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Date Submitted: December 28, 2013
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Children in the Crossfire
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1. According to the Chandlers' pastor, the Children's Committee project was:
  A.   a total waste of time.
  B.   a great opportunity to show that there was no failure of generosity in America.
  C.   A brilliant and worthwhile enterprise.
  D.   A project destined for failure.

2. Where did Bobby request to be sent?
  A.   Dallas
  B.   Los Angeles
  C.   Miami
  D.   New York City

3. Why was Beth interested in going to America?
  A.   She wanted to get away from her parents.
  B.   She was genuinely interested in meeting Catholics.
  C.   She thought the experience would help her become a novelist.
  D.   She had always dreamed of going to the U.S.

4. What did the banner on the side of the Children's Committee bus say?
  A.   America or bust!
  B.   Bound for America
  C.   U.S.A. Here We Come
  D.   Onward and upward

5. On what airline did Timmy and Bobby fly to the U.S.?
  A.   Pan Am
  B.   Delta
  C.   American Airlines
  D.   TWA

6. To what state were Bobby and Timmy assigned?
  A.   California
  B.   Illinois
  C.   Texas
  D.   Virginia

7. Bobby was very talented at:
  A.   singing
  B.   dancing
  C.   repairing electronic equipment
  D.   learning new languages

8. Timmy and Bobby agreed this was a great film:
  A.   Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  B.   The Turning Point
  C.   Star Wars
  D.   Oh, God

9. What did Timmy's dad do for a living?
  A.   He was a bricklayer.
  B.   He was a miner.
  C.   He was a musician.
  D.   He was a cobbler.

10. At the Christmas party/reunion, everyone joined hands and sang:
  A.   Let There Be Peace on Earth
  B.   Auld Lang Syne
  C.   We Shall Overcome
  D.   The Town I Loved So Well®   

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