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Trivia Quiz - Elizabethtown (Fanatic's Version)

Here's a quiz for those who have watched "Elizabethtown" multiple me! Have fun!

Quiz Number: 5256
Date Submitted: January 29, 2014
Quiz Categories: Comedy Movies, Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 61.4 percent
Times Taken: 22 times
Taken by Registered Users: 2

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Elizabethtown (Fanatics Version)
(Image Source: Elizabethtown @ wikipedia)

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1. Phil said he was ill-equipped in the philosophies of:
  A.   change
  B.   failure
  C.   gratitude
  D.   the old masters

2. In what magazine was Drew's failure featured?
  A.   Esquire
  B.   Global Business Today
  C.   Newsweek
  D.   Time

3. According to Drew, _______ was the only god the entire world served.
  A.   greatness
  B.   money
  C.   power
  D.   success

4. According to Claire, "Phils" were:
  A.   boring
  B.   dangerous
  C.   fun
  D.   treacherous

5. Which of the following was NOT part of Aunt Dora's description of Dickey Conley?
  A.   He was an alcoholic.
  B.   He was addicted to gambling.
  C.   He had three nipples.
  D.   He was a poet.

6. On whom did Samson throw up?
  A.   Aunt Dora
  B.   Bill Banyon
  C.   Drew
  D.   Uncle Dale

7. Which of the following was NOT a member of Jessie's band?
  A.   Doug
  B.   Paul
  C.   Rick
  D.   Tom

8. Hollie did a tap dance at Mitch's memorial service. What song did she dance to?
  A.   Fascination
  B.   Moon River
  C.   Over the Rainbow
  D.   Theme from "A Summer Place"

9. Where did Claire tell Drew to go in order to meet Russ?
  A.   Dinosaur World
  B.   Ernestine and Hazel's Sundry Store
  C.   Russell's Emporium
  D.   The World's 2nd Largest Farmer's Market

10. Claire left a note for Drew inside a book about:
  A.   Chihuahuas
  B.   Dachshunds
  C.   German Shepherds
  D.   Springer Spaniels®   

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