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Trivia Quiz - Sabah

"Sabah" is a film about a 40 year old Muslim woman from Syria. It's a wonderful love story about how a humdrum life can quickly change when the right person comes along. In this case, the right person happens to be a Canadian atheist!

Quiz Number: 5269
Date Submitted: February 14, 2014
Quiz Categories: Drama Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 52.7 percent
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1. What did Majid tell Sabah to carry with her "at all times"?
  A.   a beeper
  B.   a mobile phone
  C.   the phone number of their mother's doctor
  D.   a picture of their father

2. What did Sabah give her niece as a graduation present?
  A.   a boom box
  B.   driving lessons
  C.   a necklace
  D.   a summer jacket

3. What item of Sabah's did Stephen accidentally use at the pool?
  A.   her flip flops
  B.   her phone
  C.   her soap
  D.   her towel

4. What was Stephen's FIRST compliment to Sabah?
  A.   She spoke Arabic beautifully.
  B.   She had a great smile.
  C.   Her name was beautiful.
  D.   She was a good swimmer.

5. What business did Majid inherit from his father?
  A.   an antique dealership
  B.   a car dealership
  C.   an art dealership
  D.   a restaurant

6. For what type of music did Sabah and Stephen share their enjoyment?
  A.   big band
  B.   classical
  C.   jazz
  D.   opera

7. How many sisters did Stephen have?
  A.   one
  B.   four
  C.   two
  D.   three

8. Which vegetable did Sabah say she hated?
  A.   cauliflower
  B.   eggplant
  C.   okra
  D.   zucchini

9. When Sabah first told her mother the lie about doing volunteer work, what kind of fast food were they eating?
  A.   Burger King
  B.   Kentucky Fried Chicken
  C.   Long John Silver's
  D.   Taco Bell

10. Mustafa had a tattoo of what on his arm?
  A.   a dragon
  B.   a hula dancer
  C.   a pirate flag
  D.   a yin-yang®   

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