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Trivia Quiz - William Wallace - Scottish Independence Hero

The life of William Wallace was immortalized in the motion picture "Braveheart". Test your knowledge of this renowned Scottish hero.

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Date Submitted: February 28, 2014
Quiz Categories: History, British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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William Wallace  Scottish Independence Hero

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1. In what century was William Wallace born?
  A.   10th
  B.   11th
  C.   12th
  D.   13th

2. What was the name of William Wallace's wife who was killed by English soldiers?
  A.   Elizabeth
  B.   Marion
  C.   Abigail
  D.   Heather

3. Who was the weak Scottish king who allowed the English to take control of Scotland?
  A.   John Balliol
  B.   Sir Reginald de Crauford
  C.   John Blair
  D.   Robert Bruce

4. Who was the English king against whom William Wallace fought?
  A.   Richard I
  B.   Henry I
  C.   Edward I
  D.   Ethelred I

5. What was the battle where the English army was surprisingly defeated by the forces led by William Wallace?
  A.   Culloden
  B.   Glasgow Downs
  C.   Bannockburn
  D.   Stirling Bridge

6. Who was a compatriot of William Wallace's who eventually became leader of Scotland?
  A.   Sir John Comyn
  B.   Lord Annandale
  C.   Robert Bruce
  D.   John de Warenne

7. At what battle were the forces of William Wallace routed by the English?
  A.   Perth
  B.   Methven Wood
  C.   Falkirk
  D.   Elcho Park

8. Following his defeat at the hands of the English, William Wallace fled to what country in an attempt to gain support for his cause?
  A.   Wales
  B.   Ireland
  C.   France
  D.   Spain

9. Handed over to the English by disloyal Scots, what reason did William Wallace give to counter the charge of treason at his trial?
  A.   Scotland was an independent nation
  B.   He had never sworn allegiance to the English king
  C.   He was the leader of a foreign nation
  D.   He did not recognize the authority of an invading nation.

10. How many years after William Wallace's execution did Scotland gain its independence?
  A.   10 years
  B.   23 years
  C.   125 years
  D.   Scottish independence was never achieved®   

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