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Trivia Quiz - Nursery Rhyme Characters

Match the rhyme with the character!

Quiz Number: 532
Date Submitted: August 10, 2006
Quiz Categories: Children's Books
Quiz Type: People Quiz
Author: charles
Average Score: 84.1 percent
Times Taken: 407 times
Taken by Registered Users: 62

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Nursery Rhyme Characters
(Image Source: Globe and Mail)

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1. All the kings horse's and all the king's men couldn't put whom together again?
  A.   Puss n Boots
  B.   Jack Sprat
  C.   Humpty Dumpty
  D.   Little Jack Horner

2. When "the boys came out to play," who ran away?
  A.   Little Boy Blue
  B.   Jack Be Nimble
  C.   Simple Simon
  D.   Georgie Porgie

3. Who "stuck in his thumb and pulled out a plum?"
  A.   This Old Man
  B.   Little Jack Horner
  C.   Little Boy Blue
  D.   Wee Willie Winkie

4. Who was "eating her curds and whey?"
  A.   Little Miss Muffet
  B.   Little Bo Peep
  C.   The Queen of Hearts
  D.   Old Mother Hubbard

5. Who "called for his pipe and called for his bowl?"
  A.   Peter, Peter Pupkin Eater
  B.   Simple Simon
  C.   Humpty Dumpty
  D.   Old King Cole

6. Who "went to fetch her poor dog a bone?"
  A.   Little Miss Muffett
  B.   Old Mother Hubbard
  C.   The Queen of Hearts
  D.   Little Bo Peep

7. Whose wife could "eat no lean?"
  A.   Georgie Porgie
  B.   The Muffin Man
  C.   Goosey Gander
  D.   Jack Sprat

8. Who was "fast asleep under the haystack?"
  A.   Little Boy Blue
  B.   Simple Simon
  C.   Little Jack Horner
  D.   This Old Man

9. Who "jumped over the candlestick?"
  A.   Wee Willie Winkie
  B.   Jack Sprat
  C.   Jack Be Nimble
  D.   Peter, Peter Pupkin Eater

10. Who met a "pie man on the way to the fair?"
  A.   Peter, Peter Pupkin Eater
  B.   Simple Simon
  C.   Little Miss Muffett
  D.   Little Jack Horner®   

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