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Trivia Quiz - Pamela Harriman: "A world expert on rich men's bedroom ceilings"

A quiz on the woman whose exploits throughout the 20th century are the stuff of legend. Meet the extraordinary Pamela Harriman who eventually became the US Ambassador to France.

Quiz Number: 5331
Date Submitted: April 19, 2014
Quiz Categories: American History, British History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Pamela Harriman

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Pamela Harriman A world expert on rich mens bedroom ceilings
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1. In what country was Pamela Harriman born in 1920?
  A.   England
  B.   USA
  C.   Canada
  D.   France

2. The then Pamela Digby took as her first husband the son of which famous political leader?
  A.   Franklin Roosevelt
  B.   Charles de Gaulle
  C.   Winston Churchill
  D.   Joseph Stalin

3. Which of the following 20th century notables did Pamela Harriman not take as a lover?
  A.   Prince Aly Kahn
  B.   General Fred Anderson
  C.   Jock Whitney
  D.   George Marshall

4. Which of the following 20th century notables did Pamela Harriman not take as a lover?
  A.   Gianni Agnelli
  B.   Edward Murrow
  C.   Harry Hopkins
  D.   Averell Harriman

5. Which film producer did Pamela Harriman take as her second husband?
  A.   Carl Foreman
  B.   Leland Hayward
  C.   Jack Warner
  D.   Ernest Lehman

6. Hardy Amies once said of Pamela Harriman:
  A.   She knows the way to a man's heart is not via his stomach
  B.   She was the last of the great horizontals
  C.   She's had more men inside her than the Statue of Liberty
  D.   Ambitious, determined and gifted in bed

7. Apart from her bedroom conquests, for what hobby was Pamela Harriman well-known?
  A.   horse riding
  B.   painting
  C.   piano playing
  D.   sailing

8. Which of the following positions did Pamela Harriman not hold?
  A.   Trustee of the Rockefeller University
  B.   Trustee of the Winston Churchill Foundation in the US
  C.   Honorary Doctorate of Laws at Columbia University
  D.   Trustee of Harvard University

9. Which US president made Pamela Harriman the US Ambassador to France?
  A.   Jimmy Carter
  B.   Ronald Reagan
  C.   George Bush
  D.   Bill Clinton

10. Which actress portrayed Pamela Harriman in the film about her life entitled "The Life of the Party: The Pamela Harriman Story"?
  A.   Kathleen Turner
  B.   Faye Dunaway
  C.   Ann-Margret
  D.   Diane Keaton®   

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