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Trivia Quiz - Secondhand Lions

"Secondhand Lions" is a sweet, feel good film starring several greats of the big screen. With its multiple levels of meaning woven in with entertaining fantasy, this film is wonderful for the whole family.

Quiz Number: 5335
Date Submitted: April 30, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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Secondhand Lions
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1. Mae told Walter she was going to:
  A.   Dallas Paralegal School
  B.   Fort Worth College of Court Reporting
  C.   Houston School of Pharmacology
  D.   Midland Bartending School

2. Hub and Garth's preferred method of fishing was:
  A.   with their hands
  B.   in nets
  C.   shooting at them
  D.   in traps

3. When Walter ran away from Hub and Garth, he was planning to head for:
  A.   Idaho
  B.   Montana
  C.   North Dakota
  D.   Wyoming

4. Walter's letter from Mae was postmarked:
  A.   Dallas
  B.   Las Vegas
  C.   Phoenix
  D.   Seattle

5. Hub and Garth bought this to feed Jasmine:
  A.   500lbs. of ground beef
  B.   Purina Lion Chow
  C.   a whole goat
  D.   a side of beef

6. The seeds Garth bought turned out to be all:
  A.   beans
  B.   corn
  C.   peas
  D.   radishes

7. Hub told Walter, "Sometimes things that may or may not be true:
  A.   are the things a man needs to believe in the most."
  B.   aren't worth the risk."
  C.   can be terribly confusing."
  D.   require further scrutiny."

8. According to Stan, Hub and Garth got their money:
  A.   being hit men for the mafia
  B.   robbing banks
  C.   rescuing princesses
  D.   performing in saloons around the world

9. The helicopter at the end of the film said this on the side:
  A.   Allied Sahara Oil
  B.   Jewel of the East
  C.   Sahara Enterprises
  D.   Western Sahara Petroleum

10. According to Hub, _________ and money meant nothing.
  A.   fame
  B.   power
  C.   time
  D.   violence®   

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