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Trivia Quiz - World War II Basics

This is a quiz on the people and events of World War II. Some are easy, but there are a few hard ones thrown in!

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Date Submitted: August 11, 2006
Quiz Categories: World War II
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Author: russies
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World War II Basics
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1. Which US General lead the US 7th Army in the invasion of Sicily?
  A.   Harry Salmon
  B.   Bernard Montgomery
  C.   George Patton
  D.   Zack Denoyer

2. Who was the leader of Operation Overlord?
  A.   Erwin Rommel
  B.   Bernard Montgomery
  C.   Dwight Eisenhower
  D.   Tristan Brauer

3. Who was the Japanese Minister of the Navy at the beginning of World War II?
  A.   Mineichi Koga
  B.   Isokoru Yamamoto
  C.   Hideki Tojo
  D.   Tomoyuki Yamashita

4. Who was the pilot of the plane that dropped the "Little Boy" atomic bomb on Hiroshima?
  A.   Paul Tibbets
  B.   Patrick Russie
  C.   Richard Bong
  D.   Thomas McGuire, Jr.

5. Who was the Top American Ace of World War II?
  A.   Richard Bong
  B.   Thomas McGuire, Jr.
  C.   Andrew Schwartz
  D.   Paul Tibbets

6. What was the name of the ship that delivered the "Little Boy" atomic bomb to the United States air base at Tinian Island on 26 July 1945?
  A.   USS Indianapolis
  B.   USS Saratoga
  C.   USS Citation
  D.   USS Salt Lake City

7. Who lead the "Afrika Korps?"
  A.   Joseph Goebbels
  B.   Erwin Rommel
  C.   Heinrich Himmler
  D.   Albert Kesselring

8. Who did Hitler order to reinstate the Luftwaffe, thus breaking the treaty of Versailles which ended World War I?
  A.   Erwin Rommel
  B.   Joseph Goebbels
  C.   Heinrich Himmler
  D.   Hermann Goering

9. What was the nickname of the B-29 bomber that dropped the Fat Man atomic bomb on Nagasaki Japan on August 9, 1945?
  A.   Enola Gay
  B.   Ebola Green
  C.   Bockscar
  D.   Gray Hardin

10. Which Beach did the Canadians take on D-Day?
  A.   Juno
  B.   Omaha
  C.   Utah
  D.   Sword®   

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