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Trivia Quiz - Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows

Do you remember this sequel to "The Trouble with Angels"? If you do, take my quiz and stroll down memory lane.

Quiz Number: 5346
Date Submitted: May 30, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies, Comedy Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
Average Score: 73.2 percent
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Where Angels Go Trouble Follows
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1. Which of the following was NOT one of the Reverend Mother's qualifications for being chosen for the rally?
  A.   B average or better
  B.   cooperative attitude
  C.   reasonable hygiene habits
  D.   member of the graduating class

2. In what state was the rally held?
  A.   Caiifornia
  B.   Indiana
  C.   New Mexico
  D.   Wyoming

3. Sister George was very proud of a poster of:
  A.   a flashlight
  B.   a light bulb
  C.   a radio
  D.   Twinkies

4. Sister George suggested that Sister Celestine's music program include a song from what band?
  A.   The Beatles
  B.   The Gorillas
  C.   Iron Butterfly
  D.   The Platters

5. Who donated the new bus to St. Francis School?
  A.   all the girls' parents
  B.   the bishop
  C.   Marvel Ann's father
  D.   Rosabelle's uncle

6. Which of the following did NOT happen to the new bus on the trip?
  A.   The axle broke.
  B.   The engine overheated.
  C.   It got a flat tire.
  D.   It ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

7. What amusement park did the girls and the nuns visit?
  A.   Cedar Point
  B.   Dorney Park
  C.   Hersheypark
  D.   King's Island

8. Who ran the St. Francis school for boys?
  A.   Father Andrews
  B.   Father Chase
  C.   Father Donavan
  D.   Father Farriday

9. What kind of shoes did Sister Clarissa buy for herself while on the trip?
  A.   house slippers
  B.   moccasins
  C.   sneakers
  D.   sandals

10. Reverend Mother assigned Rosabelle and Marvel Ann to wash the bus as a punishment for:
  A.   flirting with boys at the ranch
  B.   leaving the group to go exploring
  C.   riding on top of the bus
  D.   telling some of the St. Francis boys how to make a bomb®   

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