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Trivia Quiz - The Rainbow Tribe

I love this cute feel-good film from 2008. It's very sweet and moving, and best of all, it stars an adorable Max Burkholder!

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Date Submitted: June 10, 2014
Quiz Categories: Movies
Quiz Type: Movie Quiz
Author: zendyk
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The Rainbow Tribe
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1. The name of Calvin's dog:
  A.   Butch
  B.   Duke
  C.   Moose
  D.   Ox

2. The name of the camp:
  A.   Camp Flaming Arrow
  B.   Camp Kachina
  C.   Camp Lakeview
  D.   Camp Thunderhawk

3. The name of Morgan's wife:
  A.   Karen
  B.   Lauren
  C.   Roseanne
  D.   Susan

4. The camp was in:
  A.   Colorado
  B.   Maine
  C.   Oregon
  D.   Minnesota

5. Morgan's campers were called:
  A.   Apache
  B.   Navajo
  C.   Lakota
  D.   Cherokee

6. Ryan's father promised him this if he was good all summer:
  A.   a horse
  B.   a mini bike
  C.   a ping pong table
  D.   a waterbed

7. Morgan's camp nickname:
  A.   Blue
  B.   Chief
  C.   Rusty
  D.   Truck

8. Morgan attributed miracles to:
  A.   the aurora borealis
  B.   the full moon
  C.   an island in the middle of the lake
  D.   a big rock with campers' names on it

9. Principal Sands' first name:
  A.   Archibald
  B.   Donovan
  C.   Leopold
  D.   Theodore

10. Boo had been _______ since his parents were killed.
  A.   violent
  B.   blind
  C.   deaf
  D.   mute®   

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