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Trivia Quiz - UNLV Rebels Football History & Facts

Test your knowledge of UNLV Rebels football history and UNLV Rebels trivia!

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Date Submitted: September 11, 2015
Quiz Categories: Mountain West Football
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Author: bill
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UNLV Rebels Football History  Facts
(Image Source: UNLV Rebel Helmet @ UNLV Official Site)

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1. What are the official team colors of the UNLV Rebels?
  A.   scarlet and gray
  B.   gold, magenta and purple
  C.   silver, red and yellow
  D.   peaches and cream

2. What is the official team mascot of the UNLV Rebels?
  A.   Know What I Mean, Vern?
  B.   Hey Reb!
  C.   Ace
  D.   Joe

3. In what conference did the UNLV Rebels football team compete prior to joining the Mountain West Conference in 1999?
  A.   Pacific Coast Athletic Conference
  B.   Big West Conference
  C.   Western Athletic Conference
  D.   Pac-12

4. What is the name of the UNLV Rebels fight song?
  A.   Rebel Victory
  B.   Rebel Spirit
  C.   Across the Field
  D.   Win with the Rebels

5. On January 1, 2014, the UNLV Rebels played in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, their first bowl trip in thirteen year. What team defeated them in that game by a score of 36-14?
  A.   North Texas Mean Green
  B.   Marshall Thundering Herd
  C.   East Carolina Pirates
  D.   Rice Owls

6. Who was the first UNLV Rebels head coach to tally 47 career victories? hint: the team was an independent and not in Div 1 football at the time.
  A.   John Robinson
  B.   Tony Knap
  C.   Bill Ireland
  D.   Ron Meyer

7. What is the name of the UNLV Rebels marching band?
  A.   Spirit of UNLV
  B.   Marching Rebels
  C.   Star of Nevada
  D.   Mighty Sound of UNLV

8. The Philadelphia Eagles selected Rebel Randall Cunningham as the #37 pick in the 1985 NFL Draft. What position did he play?
  A.   fullback
  B.   quarterback
  C.   safety
  D.   kicker

9. In 2014, the UNLV Rebels hired Tony Sanchez as their head coach. What is unique about his background?
  A.   he has never been a head coach
  B.   he has never been a head coach at the college level
  C.   he has never been a college coach, assistant or head coach
  D.   he is an alien from the planet Xenon

10. The UNLV Rebels play an annual football game for the rights to a trophy called the Fremont Cannon. Who is their rival in this game?
  A.   Air Force Falcons
  B.   Utah State Aggies
  C.   San Diego State Aztecs
  D.   Nevada Wolfpack®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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