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Trivia Quiz - San Francisco Giants History & Facts

Try your luck on this trivia quiz about San Francisco Giants Baseball History & Facts!

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Date Submitted: October 18, 2014
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Author: bill
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San Francisco Giants History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the San Francisco Giants?
  A.   black and tan
  B.   black, orange, and cream
  C.   purple and silver
  D.   red, white and blue

2. Which of the following is not a well-known nickname of the San Francisco Giants?
  A.   The Boys from the Bay
  B.   The G-Men
  C.   The Orange and Black
  D.   The Bassies

3. In what city were the San Francisco Giants located prior to 1958?
  A.   New York
  B.   Miami
  C.   Brooklyn
  D.   Houston

4. What is the AAA affiliate of the San Francisco Giants?
  A.   Fresno Grizzlies
  B.   Portland Beavers
  C.   Nashville Sounds
  D.   Salt Lake Bees

5. What is the name of the San Francisco Giants mascot?
  A.   Gapper
  B.   Homer
  C.   Junior
  D.   Lou Seal

6. How many games did it take for the San Francisco Giants to defeat the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 World Series?
  A.   four
  B.   five
  C.   six
  D.   seven

7. The 1989 World Series pitted the San Francisco Giants versus the Oakland As, nicknamed the "Bay Bridge Series." What event took place moments before the scheduled start of Game 3 in San Francisco?
  A.   random shooting
  B.   earthquake
  C.   tornado
  D.   riiot

8. 14-time All-Star Barry Bonds played for the San Francisco Giants from 1993 to 2007. What position did he play?
  A.   center field
  B.   catcher
  C.   second base
  D.   left field

9. String-haired Tim Lincecum has helped the San Francisco Giants win the World Series Champion in 2010 and 2012. He is also a 4-time MLB All-Star. What is his nickname?
  A.   The Timster
  B.   The Timinator
  C.   The Freak
  D.   Tim

10. Who did the San Francisco Giants hire as their manager in 2007?
  A.   Felipe Alou
  B.   Ron Gardenhire
  C.   Bruce Bochy
  D.   Jim Leyland®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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