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Trivia Quiz - Pittsburgh Penguins History & Facts

What do you know about Pittsburgh Penguins trivia and Pittsburgh Penguins facts? players, coaches, playoffs and history!

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Date Submitted: February 10, 2015
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Pittsburgh Penguins History  Facts
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1. What are the official colors of the Pittsburgh Penguins?
  A.   purple, tan and blue
  B.   black, gold, and white
  C.   orange, white and grey
  D.   red, blue and cream

2. Who did the the Pittsburgh Penguins name as their team captain in 2007?
  A.   Chris Kunitz
  B.   Sidney Crosby
  C.   Mario Lemieux
  D.   Marc-Andre Fleury

3. What is the official mascot of the Pittsburgh Penguins?
  A.   Pete the Penguin
  B.   Pengy
  C.   Pittster
  D.   Rex

4. Which of the following is a common nickname of the Pittsburgh Penguins?
  A.   Tuxedos
  B.   Pens
  C.   Dawgs
  D.   none of the above

5. What team defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals?
  A.   Colorado Avalanche
  B.   Dallas Stars
  C.   Detroit Red Wings
  D.   San Jose Sharks

6. NHL Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux played for the Pittsburgh Penguins from 1984–97 and again from 2000–06. What position did he play?
  A.   center
  B.   left wing
  C.   goalie
  D.   defense

7. What is the minor league affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins in the AHL?
  A.   Lehigh Valley Phantoms
  B.   Rochester Americans
  C.   Binghamton Senators
  D.   Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

8. The Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup in 1991 and 1992. Who was their head coach during these two seasons?
  A.   Bob Johnson in 1991 and Scotty Bowman in 1992
  B.   Scotty Bowman
  C.   Bob Johnson
  D.   none of the above

9. NHL All-Star Center Evgeni Malkin started his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2006. What is his jersey number?
  A.   17
  B.   27
  C.   37
  D.   71

10. Who did the Pittsburgh Penguins name as their head coach in 2014?
  A.   Mike Babcock
  B.   Dan Bylsma
  C.   Mike Johnston
  D.   Bob Hartley®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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