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Trivia Quiz - Sachin Tendulkar - India's Cricketing Maestro

Sachin Tendulkar is the greatest run-getter in all forms of cricket. He's revered throughout India as the greatest sportsman the country has produced.

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Date Submitted: April 05, 2015
Quiz Categories: Sports, Indian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Sachin Tendulkar  Indias Cricketing Maestro

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1. In what Indian city was Sachin Tendulkar born, April 24, 1973?
  A.   Kolkatta
  B.   New Delhi
  C.   Madras
  D.   Mumbai

2. By which of the following nicknames is Sachin Tendulkar not known?
  A.   Little Master
  B.   Slashin' Sachin
  C.   Bombay Bomber
  D.   Master Blaster

3. What English county cricket club enlisted Tendulkar as its first overseas-born batsman?
  A.   Sussex
  B.   Middlesex
  C.   Yorkshire
  D.   Hampshire

4. Which of the following is not true of Sachin Tendulkar?
  A.   He has the best record as India's test captain.
  B.   He was the youngest Indian Test cricketer.
  C.   He was the first cricketer to score 14,000 test runs.
  D.   He was the first cricketer to score 17,000 ODI runs

5. In 2001 Sachin Tendulkar received a suspended one-match suspension for what misdemeanour?
  A.   excessive appealing
  B.   ball tampering
  C.   slow over rate
  D.   dissent over umpiring decisions.

6. What year was statistically the worst in Sachin Tendulkar's test career?
  A.   2000
  B.   2002
  C.   2003
  D.   2005

7. Sachin Tendulkar has been ranked second in tests and ODIs behind which two cricketers?
  A.   W. G. Grace & Arjuna Ranatunga
  B.   Donald Bradman and Vivian Richards
  C.   Donald Bradman & Adam Gilchrist
  D.   Herbert Sutcliffe & Matthew Hayden

8. Which Australian cricketer criticized Sachin Tendulkar for his poor attitude during the 2007 season?
  A.   Greg Chappell
  B.   Shane Warne
  C.   Donald Bradman
  D.   Ian Chappell

9. Against which nation has Sachin Tendulkar scored the most test centuries?
  A.   Australia
  B.   Sri Lanka
  C.   South Africa
  D.   England

10. Which of the following is not true of Sachin Tendulkar?
  A.   He is India's wealthiest cricketer.
  B.   He sponsors over 200 under-privileged children.
  C.   He is a yoga devotee.
  D.   He was appointed to sit in India's Upper House of Parliament.®   

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