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Trivia Quiz - Bosom Buddies

Trivia questions about the characters, actors and episodes on the American sitcom, Bosom Buddies.

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Date Submitted: April 04, 2015
Quiz Categories: American TV Sitcoms
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Author: bill
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Bosom Buddies
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1. In the pilot episode of "Bosom Buddies," two men who are best friends must find a new place to live. What happened to the place where the used to live?
  A.   it burned down
  B.   it was demolished
  C.   they were evicted
  D.   none of the above

2. After Kip and Henry, leave their original home, they are forced to live in drag in order to live at a female only hotel. What is the name of the hotel?
  A.   Susan B. Anthony Hotel
  B.   Martha Washington Hotel
  C.   Abigail Adams Hotel
  D.   Mary Todd Lincoln Hotel

3. In what decade was the sitcom, "Bosom Buddies" produced?
  A.   1970s
  B.   1980s
  C.   1990s
  D.   2000s

4. Kip Wilson and Henry Desmond are friends and workmates, just starting out in their chosen work fields. In what industry do they work?
  A.   computer technicians
  B.   real estate
  C.   retail
  D.   advertising

5. What actor played Henry Desmond and Hildegarde (when in drag) on "Bosom Buddies?"
  A.   Tom Hanks
  B.   Peter Scolari
  C.   Jeff Daniels‎
  D.   Mark Hamill

6. In the episode "Beauty and the Beasts," the "girls," Buffy and Hildey, are invited to a singles bar. Who invited them to come along?
  A.   Amy Cassidy
  B.   Sonny and Isabelle
  C.   Ruth Dunbar
  D.   Lilly Sinclair

7. In the episode "The Hospital," Sonny convinces Buffy and Hildey to work in the hospital. What type of work do the "girls" do there?
  A.   bed pan patrol
  B.   candy stripers
  C.   coffee vendor
  D.   orderly

8. What actor played Kip Wilson and Buffy (when in drag) on "Bosom Buddies?"
  A.   Tom Hanks
  B.   Peter Scolari
  C.   Jeff Daniels‎
  D.   Mark Hamill

9. In the second season, Kip and Henry oen their own advertising agency. What is the name of the agency?
  A.   60 Seconds Street
  B.   Fuzzy Tiger
  C.   Revolution Ads
  D.   Best-in-Class Advertising

10. What actress played Sonny Lumet in the sitcom, "Bosom Buddies"?
  A.   Telma Hopkins
  B.   Daryl Hannah
  C.   Donna Dixon
  D.   Michelle Pfeiffer®   

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