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Trivia Quiz - The Bold and the Beautiful - World's Most Popular Soap

The machinations of the Forrester family and its many enemies make the Borgias look like beginners. Test your knowledge of the world's most popular soap opera that regularly tests viewer credulity and ability to follow multiple plot lines.

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Date Submitted: April 08, 2015
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, TV Soap Operas
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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The Bold and the Beautiful  Worlds Most Popular Soap

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1. What do the initials "FC" stand for in The Bold and the Beautiful?
  A.   Forrester Clothing
  B.   Forrester Creations
  C.   Finest Clothing
  D.   First in Clothing

2. Who are the patriarch and matriarch of the Forrester family?
  A.   Ridge and Brooke
  B.   Eric and Taylor
  C.   Rick and Bridget
  D.   Eric and Stephanie

3. Which of the four Forrester children was not fathered by the man they presumed to be their father?
  A.   Ridge
  B.   Thorne
  C.   Kristen
  D.   Felicia

4. Brooke at one stage was married to her one-time father-in-law, Eric. What are the names of the children they created?
  A.   Deacon and Caroline
  B.   Steffy and Wyatt
  C.   Bill and Phoebe
  D.   Rick and Bridget

5. As of 2015, in how many wedding ceremonies has Brooke been the bride?
  A.   9
  B.   13
  C.   15
  D.   17

6. Who died of cancer, cradled in Brooke's arms?
  A.   Katie
  B.   Stephanie
  C.   Hope
  D.   Phoebe

7. Who killed Darla in an act of drunken driving?
  A.   Taylor
  B.   Stephanie
  C.   Felicia
  D.   Hope

8. Which of the following characters has not come back to life after first being thought dead?
  A.   Taylor
  B.   Macy Alexander
  C.   Ridge
  D.   Hope

9. What company was the main rival to the Forrester empire?
  A.   Persephone Clothing
  B.   Spectra Fashions
  C.   Convex Creations
  D.   Mirage Designs

10. Who is the biological mother of Taylor and Nick's son, Jack?
  A.   Macy
  B.   Sheila
  C.   Jacqueline
  D.   Brooke®   

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