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Trivia Quiz - Alexander the Great

trivia facts about alexander the great!

Quiz Number: 5493
Date Submitted: April 17, 2015
Quiz Categories: History, Ancient History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: torchwood1977
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1. What philosopher trained Alexander the Great?
  A.   Herodotus
  B.   Aristotle
  C.   Socrates
  D.   Plato

2. What was the name of the horse that Alexander the Great tamed?
  A.   Incitatus
  B.   Alexandros
  C.   Bucephalus
  D.   Ioannis

3. Alexander the Great perfected what military fighting style?
  A.   Phalanx
  B.   Plaision
  C.   Klemmata
  D.   Lithoboi

4. When did Alexander the Great cross the Hellespont?
  A.   334 b.c
  B.   436 b.c
  C.   32 b.c
  D.   1335 b.c

5. In Egypt, what temple did Alexander the Great go to and was subsequently declared as son of the gods?
  A.   Amon
  B.   Osiris
  C.   Artemis
  D.   Zeus Amon

6. How many cities did Alexander the Great name after himself?
  A.   17
  B.   200
  C.   70
  D.   5

7. How many battles did Alexander the Great lose during his fifteen years of conquest?
  A.   15
  B.   3
  C.   1
  D.   0

8. Who did Alexander the Great capture after a decisive battle with Darius?
  A.   Darius' mother and daughter
  B.   Darius' mother and wife
  C.   Darius' wife and son
  D.   Darius himself

9. Where did Alexander the Great die?
  A.   Pella
  B.   Athens
  C.   Tyre
  D.   Babylon

10. What new weapon did Alexander the Great's army meet for the first time in India?
  A.   Elephants
  B.   Crossbow
  C.   Catapult
  D.   Dart thrower®   

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