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Trivia Quiz - Andromeda: Season 1

Questions about the episodes and characters of Andromeda season 1.

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Date Submitted: April 21, 2015
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, TV Sci-Fi
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: torchwood1977
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Andromeda Season 1
(Image Source: Andromeda: Season One)

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1. In the first episode of Andromeda, what brings about the end of the Commonwealth?
  A.   the Magog destroys Tran-Vedra
  B.   the Nietzchean prides betray the Commonwealth
  C.   the Vedran leave the Commonwealth which starts a civil war
  D.   the high guard kills the Vedran princess

2. How does the Andromeda get away from the black hole after being pushed back towards it?
  A.   Beka pulls it back out
  B.   Dylan goes around it
  C.   Haper finds away out
  D.   Dylan fires 40 nova bombs at it and rides the shock wave out

3. How does Andromeda end up 300 years in the past to be at The Battle of Witchhead?
  A.   Trance takes them through while in slip stream
  B.   Haper builds a time machine
  C.   they are pulled back by the old Commonwealth
  D.   the abyss sends them back

4. In the episode entitled, "The Banks of the Lethe," why does Harper build a time machine?
  A.   so he can go back and stop the Magog from destroying Earth
  B.   to save Beka's father
  C.   so Dylan can be reunited with his lost love
  D.   so Tyr can build a nietzschean empire

5. Who does Gerentex kidnap to help him find a lost map to Tarn-Vedra?
  A.   Dylan and Beka
  B.   Harper and Trance
  C.   Rev Bem and Tyr
  D.   Rommie and Trance

6. What was Beka doing when he nearly overdosed on a drug called Flash?
  A.   looking for the Andromeda near the blackhole
  B.   looking for the Magog
  C.   attempting to piloit Andromeda to Tarn-Vedra
  D.   on a top secret mission for Dylan

7. What does Harper find in Rommie's mind ?
  A.   a hidden personality
  B.   secret orders that sent Dylan and Andromeda to the blackhole
  C.   a file that shows Rommie is a Restor
  D.   information about Trance

8. What does the crew find in the episode entitled, "It's Hour Comes Round at Last"?
  A.   a Nietzschean fleet
  B.   a Magog World Ship
  C.   a black hole
  D.   Gerentex

9. Dylan is charged for what crime that took place 300 years earlier?
  A.   smuggling drugs
  B.   stealing
  C.   destoring a sun
  D.   assassinating a planetary dictator

10. What does a Perseid download into Harper?
  A.   plans for a Nietzschean attack
  B.   part of a library
  C.   information about Trance
  D.   Information about Beka's father®   

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