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Trivia Quiz - The Adventures of Superman - 1950s Classic TV Show

This TV series set the standard for the many movies that came after it. Many children of the 50s and 60s marvelled at the exploits, fun and humor of Clark, Lois, Jimmy and the Chief. Take ten questions on this walk down memory lane.

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Date Submitted: May 01, 2015
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The Adventures of Superman  1950s Classic TV Show
(Image Source: Superman @ IMDB)

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1. In the opening sequence of Superman, the narrator told us Superman had powers and what beyond those of mortal men?
  A.   talents
  B.   capabilities
  C.   strengths
  D.   abilities

2. What was the name of the police inspector in Superman?
  A.   Inspector Anderson
  B.   Inspector Henderson
  C.   Inspector Jefferson
  D.   Inspector Saunderson

3. In the episode "Superman in Exile", why did Superman have to isolate himself from everyone?
  A.   He had become radioactive.
  B.   He had acquired a disease that was fatal to everyone but him.
  C.   He had been framed for a crime he didn't commit and the public shame was too much to bear.
  D.   A kryptonite dust was sprayed over Metropolis.

4. In the episode "Around the World with Superman", a young girl was flown around the world by Superman after he had cured her of what?
  A.   polio
  B.   deafness
  C.   blindness
  D.   leukaemia

5. In an episode of Superman, Perry White was apparently haunted by whose ghost?
  A.   Augustus Caesar
  B.   Blackbeard
  C.   Henry VIII
  D.   Julius Caesar

6. What was the name of the professor who appeared in a number of episodes of Superman and whose inventions always caused trouble for the intrepid reporters?
  A.   Dollywinkle
  B.   Pepperwinkle
  C.   Bulwinkle
  D.   Periwinkle

7. What was the name of the episode where Lois Lane dreamed she was marrying Superman?
  A.   The Wedding of Superman
  B.   Lois Gets Her Man
  C.   The Man of Her Dreams
  D.   Superman and Lois Happily Ever After

8. What stolen animal was hidden by crooks in a poor family's barn in an episode of Superman?
  A.   horse
  B.   greyhound
  C.   chimpanzee
  D.   elephant

9. What was the name of the dog in an episode of Superman that could smell out Superman, causing Clark some problems?
  A.   Corky
  B.   Micky
  C.   Bobby
  D.   Toby

10. In a celebrated episode of Superman, what animal could read minds?
  A.   elephant
  B.   cow
  C.   donkey
  D.   sheep®   

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