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Trivia Quiz - Father Ted - Episode Questions

Father Ted was so surreal it became real life comment on the lives of priests in Ireland. Take ten questions on one of the funniest comedies of the 1990s.

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Date Submitted: June 05, 2015
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Father Ted  Episode Questions

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1. After losing a bet concerning the Over 75s football match, what penalty was imposed on Father Ted?
  A.   He had to kiss Mrs Doyle.
  B.   He had to run naked through the town square.
  C.   He had to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse.
  D.   He had to forego smokes.

2. Why did Father Ted win The Golden Cleric Award?
  A.   He saved a group of priests lost in Ireland's largest lingerie department.
  B.   For ensuring Father Jack stayed sober for a month.
  C.   For curing Chris, the sheep of his nerves.
  D.   For saving the party of priests doomed to die on a flight to America.

3. When Lent arrived, what pastime did Dougal have to surrender?
  A.   smoking
  B.   watching Blue Peter
  C.   lying in bed until 11 am
  D.   rollerblading

4. In the episode of "The Plague", what pestilence was inflicted on the parochial house?
  A.   rabbits
  B.   toads
  C.   locusts
  D.   mice

5. The life of which saint was turned into an adult film that caused great problems for Father Ted?
  A.   St Mignufata
  B.   St Tibulus
  C.   St Farbilauis
  D.   St Porticardio

6. Who was the obnoxious priest who replaced Father Jack when Jack succumbed to the hairy disease?
  A.   Todd Unctious
  B.   Flintin Stack
  C.   Marion George
  D.   Sean Kenneally

7. Who was the most boring guest who stayed at Father Ted's parochial house?
  A.   Father Granite
  B.   Father Steel
  C.   Father Stone
  D.   Father Gold

8. In the episode "Think Fast, Father Ted", why did Ted and Dougal need to raise a lot of money?
  A.   They had a leaking roof.
  B.   Jack had accumulated large debts through losing at the races.
  C.   Their winter heating bills had gone through the roof.
  D.   Mrs Doyle had lost her life savings on a pyramid selling scheme.

9. When Ted and Dougal entered the Song For Ireland competition, about what animal did they compose their song?
  A.   bunny
  B.   dog
  C.   horse
  D.   sheep

10. Which singing star did Ted, Dougal and Jack impersonate in the episode "Competition Time"?
  A.   Frank Sinatra
  B.   Frankie Vallee
  C.   Elton John
  D.   Elvis Presley®   

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