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Trivia Quiz - Narendra Modi - India's 15th Prime Minister

He is the charismatic leader of the world's largest democracy, rising from humble beginnings to become leader of his land. Take ten questions on the man who has been tagged "the People's Leader".

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Date Submitted: September 24, 2015
Quiz Categories: History, Indian History
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Narendra Modi  Indias 15th Prime Minister

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1. Born in September, 1950, the young Narendra Modi helped his father do what to earn money for his family?
  A.   Shine shoes in his home town of Vadnager
  B.   Pick through rubbish dumps looking for anything salvageable
  C.   Make shoes
  D.   Sold tea at their local railway station

2. At the age of 17, Narendra Modi did what?
  A.   He wandered the Himalayas for about three years.
  B.   He joined a mystic Hindu cult in Varanasi.
  C.   He left India to study political science at Oxford University.
  D.   He joined the Indian Army

3. Against which Indian leader did Narendra Modi rebel?
  A.   Jawaharlal Nehru
  B.   Moraji Desai
  C.   Indira Gandhi
  D.   Rajiv Gandhi

4. To which political party does Narendra Modi belong?
  A.   Bahujan Samaj Party - BSP
  B.   Bharatiya Janata Party - BJP
  C.   National Congress Party - NCP
  D.   India National Congress - INC

5. As Chief Minister for Gujurat from 2001 to 2014 which of the following did Narendra Modi not achieve?
  A.   Decrease in the number of families below the poverty line
  B.   Creation of over 100,000 check dams
  C.   Introduction of electricity to every village
  D.   Increased literacy rates

6. What event in Gujurat adversely affected Modi's standing in the region?
  A.   Continuing power cuts causing "brown-outs"
  B.   Allegations he was favouring political donors
  C.   Anti-Muslim riots
  D.   Modi's refusal to attend the 2011 Cricket World Cup Final

7. Becoming Prime Minister of India in 2014, Narendra Modi embarked on a number of campaigns. Which of the following was not one of these?
  A.   Digital India
  B.   One Rank, One Pension
  C.   Make in India
  D.   Low Carbon India

8. Which of the following initiatives has not been a major focus for Narendra Modi?
  A.   improving health and sanitation
  B.   reduction of the birth rate
  C.   encouraging foreign investment
  D.   improving transportation

9. Narendra Modi has adopted the "Antyodaya" policy which means?
  A.   Placing India firmly on the international stage
  B.   Lifting the downtrodden
  C.   Ending discrimination towards women
  D.   following the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you

10. Which of the following pursuits is not recognized as one of Narendra Modi's favourites?
  A.   yoga
  B.   social media
  C.   writing
  D.   classical music®   

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