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Trivia Quiz - Wyoming Cowboys Football History & Facts

Questions about the Wyoming Cowboys football history, players, coaches, and records.

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Date Submitted: September 28, 2015
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Wyoming Cowboys Football History  Facts
(Image Source: Wyoming Cowboys Official Web Site)

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1. What are the official colors of the Wyoming Cowboys?
  A.   brown and gold
  B.   silver and gold
  C.   cream, teal and brown
  D.   purple, black, silver, and white

2. What is the official team mascot of the Wyoming Cowboys?
  A.   Just Plain Joe
  B.   Joe Dirt
  C.   Billy Joe Bob
  D.   Cowboy Joe

3. One of the signature wins for the Wyoming football program came when the Cowboys won the 2004 Las Vegas Bowl by a score of 24-21. What big name school did they defeat?
  A.   UCLA Bruins
  B.   USC Trojans
  C.   Texas Longhorns
  D.   Oregon Ducks

4. What is the name of the Wyoming Cowboys fight song?
  A.   Cowboy Fight Song
  B.   Ragtime Cowboy Joe
  C.   Fight Cowboys, Fight!
  D.   Rise Up, Cowboys!

5. 5-time NFL Pro Bowl player Jay Novacek played for the Wyoming Cowboys during the mid-1980s and later played in the NFL for both the Cardinals and the Cowboys. What position did he play?
  A.   center
  B.   safety
  C.   tight end
  D.   quarterback

6. The Wyoming Cowboys football team started competing in the Mountain West Conference in 1999. In what conference did they compete from 1962-1998?
  A.   Big Sky Conference
  B.   Pacific Coast Athletic Conference
  C.   Western Athletic Conference
  D.   Pac-10 Conference

7. What is the name of the Wyoming Cowboys marching band?
  A.   Wild Wild West
  B.   Pride of Wyoming
  C.   Western Thunder
  D.   Marching Cowboys

8. 2× NFL Pro Bowl player Jim Kiick played as a running back for the Wyoming Cowboys in the late 1960s. Kiick went on to a storied career in the NFL including two Super Bowl wins with what NFL team?
  A.   Green Bay Packers
  B.   Denver Broncos
  C.   Washington Redskins
  D.   Miami Dolphins

9. Who did the Wyoming Cowboys hire as their head football coach in 2014?
  A.   Dave Christensen
  B.   Craig T. Nelson
  C.   Craig Bohl
  D.   Joe Tiller

10. The Wyoming Cowboys football team have an ongoing rivalry game with the Utah State Aggies. What is the name of this rivalry?
  A.   Bridger’s Battle
  B.   The Bronze Boot Rivalry
  C.   The Paniolo Trophy Battle
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