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Trivia Quiz - Utah State Aggies Football History & Facts

Questions about the Utah State Aggies football history, players, coaches, and records.

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Date Submitted: October 11, 2015
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Author: bill
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Utah State Aggies Football History  Facts
(Image Source: Utah State Aggies Football Web Site)

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1. What are the official team colors of the Utah State Aggies?
  A.   silver and gold
  B.   aggie blue, white, and pewter gray
  C.   purple, white and silver
  D.   yellow and green

2. What is the official team mascot of the Utah State Aggies?
  A.   Tim
  B.   The Aggienator
  C.   Big Red
  D.   Big Blue

3. Super Bowl Champion Jarrett Bush played for the Utah State Aggies in the mid-2000s as a cornerback. What team selected him in the 2006 NFL draft?
  A.   Carolina Panthers
  B.   Green Bay Packers
  C.   New York Giants
  D.   he was undrafted

4. What is the name of the Utah State Aggies fight song?
  A.   Aggies, Aggies, Hats off to You!
  B.   USU Triumph
  C.   Aggie Victory
  D.   Hail the Utah Aggies

5. 14× NFL Pro Bowl player Merlin Olsen is quite possibly the most famous player to ever come out of Utah State. What position did he play for the Aggies and in his storied career with the LA Rams?
  A.   linebacker
  B.   defensive tackle
  C.   center
  D.   quarterback

6. The Utah State Aggies football program joined the Mountain West Conference in 2013. In what conference did they compete from 2005-2012?
  A.   Western Athletic Conference
  B.   Big Sky Conference
  C.   Division I-A Independent
  D.   Pac 10 Conference

7. The Utah State Student Association occupies a student section of about 6,000 seats at all home football games. What is the name of this Aggie student club?
  A.   Aggie Nation
  B.   The HURD
  C.   Aggrivation
  D.   The Utah Club

8. The Utah State Aggies have a long-running football series with the Utah Utes. What is the name of this rivalry?
  A.   Bridger's Battle
  B.   Battle of the Brothers
  C.   Utah Cup
  D.   Iron Bowl

9. What team did the Utah State Aggies defeat in the 2014 New Mexico Bowl?
  A.   UTEP Miners
  B.   Northern Illinois Huskies
  C.   Toledo Rockets
  D.   Washington State Cougars

10. Who did the Utah State Aggies hire as their head football coach in 2013?
  A.   Gary Andersen
  B.   Louie Anderson
  C.   Matt Wells
  D.   Charlie Weatherbie®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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