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Trivia Quiz - Arkansas Fun Facts

Trivia questions about the history, geography, culture and politics of Arkansas!

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Date Submitted: April 01, 2016
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Author: bill
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Arkansas Fun Facts
(Image Source: Arkansas Map)

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1. Who was the first US president to hail from Arkansas?
  A.   Andrew Johnson
  B.   Andrew Jackson
  C.   John Tyler
  D.   Bill Clinton

2. What is the capital of Arkansas?
  A.   Little Rock
  B.   Hot Springs
  C.   Fort Smith
  D.   Fayetteville

3. What is the name of the AA baseball team located in Little Rock, Arkansas?
  A.   Arkansas Travelers
  B.   Arkansas RoughRiders
  C.   Little Rock Lizards
  D.   Arkansas RockHounds

4. What state borders Arkansas to the south?
  A.   Florida
  B.   Louisiana
  C.   Texas
  D.   Mississippi

5. What is the official nickname of Arkansas?
  A.   The Magnolia State
  B.   The Natural State
  C.   The Sunshine State
  D.   The Gateway State to the South

6. What geologic highland will you find in the state of Arkansas?
  A.   Bitterroot Mountains
  B.   Pocono Mountains
  C.   Ozark Mountains
  D.   The Blue Ridge Mountains

7. What was the name of the American reality television series based in Arkansas, starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie that ran from 2003-2007?
  A.   What Me, Work?
  B.   Down and Dirty
  C.   Life In Arkansas
  D.   The Simple Life

8. What is the nickname of the University of Arkansas?
  A.   Tigers
  B.   Razorbacks
  C.   Red Wolves
  D.   Bulldogs

9. In what city is Arkansas State University located?
  A.   Jonesboro
  B.   Little Rock
  C.   Fayetteville
  D.   Pine Bluff

10. What retail giant is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas?
  A.   Target
  B.   KMart
  C.   Walmart
  D.   Big Lots®   

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