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Trivia Quiz - 54th Massachusetts Regiment

The 54th Massachusetts Regiment won lasting fame as one of the first black regiments to engage in battle in the U S Civil War. Test your knowledge of the events around this legendary fighting force.

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Date Submitted: April 02, 2016
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54th Massachusetts Regiment

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1. When were African Americans allowed to serve in the Union army?
  A.   From the outset of hostilities
  B.   July 4, 1861
  C.   January 1, 1863
  D.   Following the Battle of Antietam

2. How old was Robert Gould Shaw when given command of the 54th Massachusetts?
  A.   20
  B.   25
  C.   28
  D.   30

3. Who was the Massachussetts Governor who commissioned the 54th Regiment?
  A.   Richard C. York
  B.   Thomas W. Williams
  C.   Lawrence B. Stafford
  D.   John A. Andrew

4. Approximately how many African Americans volunteered for the 54th Massachusetts?
  A.   1000
  B.   3000
  C.   5000
  D.   10,000

5. The sons of which famous black American enlisted in the 54th Massachusetts?
  A.   Booker T. Washington
  B.   Frederick Douglass
  C.   Hiram Revels
  D.   Blanche K. Bruce

6. On what issue did the white officers support the enlisted men of the 54th Massachusetts?
  A.   equal pay
  B.   right to vote
  C.   right to use weapons
  D.   right to eat in a mixed mess

7. The 54th Massachusetts was ordered to do what in the town of Darien, Georgia?
  A.   kIll all its citizens
  B.   burn it
  C.   act as slaves
  D.   remove their army uniforms and put on civilian garb

8. The 54th Massachusetts most notable engagement in the Civil War was where?
  A.   Fort Colombus
  B.   Fort Sumter
  C.   Fort Wagner
  D.   Fort Wyman

9. Robert Shaw died leading his troops into battle. What happened to his remains?
  A.   His body was returned to his family.
  B.   His body was dismembered and thrown into the sea.
  C.   He was buried with his men.
  D.   He was given a formal military burial.

10. What is the name of the movie that told the story of the 54th Massachusetts?
  A.   Destiny
  B.   Victory
  C.   Eternity
  D.   Glory®   

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