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Trivia Quiz - Calamity Jane - Frontier Woman

The exploits of Calamity Jane are the stuff of legend. Take the following ten questions about this Wild West woman to separate fact from fiction.

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Date Submitted: April 15, 2016
Quiz Categories: History, American History, American Frontier Explorers
Quiz Type: Personality Quiz
Author: grant228
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Calamity Jane  Frontier Woman

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1. Calamity Jane was born in Missouri in 1856 with what ornithological family name?
  A.   Nightingale
  B.   Robyn
  C.   Canary
  D.   Sparrow

2. Following the deaths of her parents, Calamity Jane found work as a 14 year old in Fort Bridger doing what?
  A.   blacksmith's assistant
  B.   caring for young children
  C.   dance hall girl
  D.   undertaker's assistant

3. In what famous western town did Calamity Jane live a large part of her life?
  A.   Deadwood
  B.   Tombstone
  C.   Laramie
  D.   Dodge City

4. With what famous Wild West figure was Calamity Jane allegedly romantically involved?
  A.   Jesse James
  B.   Buffalo Bill
  C.   George Custer
  D.   Wild Bill Hickok

5. Much of Calamity Jane's image was the product of which writer's imagination?
  A.   Edward L. Wheeler
  B.   Thomas G. Sanders
  C.   Herbert P. Longstaff
  D.   William H. Tomlinson

6. Which of the following stories about Calamity Jane actually happened?
  A.   She joined a gang of outlaws.
  B.   She saved a stagecoach under attack from Plains Indians
  C.   She tried to warn Custer not to go to Little Big Horn.
  D.   She risked her life to tend miners stricken with smallpox

7. In which of the following professions did Calamity Jane engage?
  A.   bar keeper
  B.   prostitute
  C.   sheriff
  D.   bounty hunter

8. According to Calamity Jane's memoirs, who christened her Calamity Jane?
  A.   General John Pershing
  B.   Major Thomas George
  C.   Captain James Egan
  D.   Colonel Victor Flinders

9. Towards the end of her life, what fate befell Calamity Jane?
  A.   Her stories were debunked as fraud.
  B.   She was twice admitted to a poorhouse.
  C.   She lost a leg due to untreated diabetes.
  D.   Her siblings publicly disowned her.

10. Her wild ways eventually caught up with Calamity Jane and she died in 1903 at the age of 47 from what cause?
  A.   suicide
  B.   alcoholic poisoning
  C.   diabetic shock
  D.   inflammation of the bowel®   

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