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Trivia Quiz - Indiana Fun Facts

Trivia questions about the history, geography, culture and politics of Indiana!

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Date Submitted: April 28, 2016
Quiz Categories: U.S. States
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Indiana Fun Facts
(Image Source: Indiana Map)

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1. What is the nickname of Indiana State University?
  A.   Redbirds
  B.   Sycamores
  C.   Hoosiers
  D.   Buckeyes

2. What is the capital of Indiana?
  A.   Indianapolis
  B.   Fort Wayne
  C.   South Bend
  D.   Evansville

3. What state borders Indiana to the west?
  A.   Wisconsin
  B.   Ohio
  C.   New York
  D.   Illinois

4. What is the nickname of the state of Indiana?
  A.   The Great Lake State
  B.   The Hoosier State
  C.   The Magnolia State
  D.   America's Bread Basket

5. Who was the first US President to call Indiana his home state?
  A.   Benjamin Harrison
  B.   Ulysses S. Grant
  C.   Abraham Lincoln
  D.   Herbert Hoover

6. The Jackson 5, a pop group most popular in the 1970s, hailed from what Indiana city?
  A.   Hammond
  B.   Gary
  C.   Indianapolis
  D.   French Lick

7. What 1970s-80s TV sitcom was set in Logansport, Indiana?
  A.   The Facts of Life
  B.   Welcome Back, Kotter
  C.   The Jeffersons
  D.   One Day at a Time

8. Indiana has a 45-mile coastline along what Great Lake?
  A.   Lake Erie
  B.   Lake Huron
  C.   Lake Michigan
  D.   Lake Superior

9. What is the name of the NBA team located in Indianapolis, Indiana?
  A.   Celtics
  B.   Hawks
  C.   Pistons
  D.   Pacers

10. In what month does the Indianapolis 500 automobile race take place?
  A.   April
  B.   May
  C.   June
  D.   July®   

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