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Trivia Quiz - Pennsylvania Fun Facts

Trivia questions about the history, geography, culture and politics of Pennsylvania!

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Date Submitted: July 06, 2016
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Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: bill
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Pennsylvania Fun Facts
(Image Source: Pennsylvania map)

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1. What is the nickname of Penn State University?
  A.   Quakers
  B.   Nittany Lions
  C.   Sea Wolves
  D.   Redbirds

2. What is the nickname of the state of Pennsylvania?
  A.   Keystone State
  B.   Magnolia State
  C.   Gem State
  D.   Mountain State

3. What state borders Pennsylvania to the north?
  A.   Maine
  B.   Michigan
  C.   Kentucky
  D.   New York

4. Who was the first US President to hail from Pennsylvania?
  A.   Ronald Reagan
  B.   John Tyler
  C.   James Buchanan
  D.   John F. Kennedy

5. Which of the following TV shows was based in Scranton, Pennsylvania?
  A.   All in the Family
  B.   One Day at a Time
  C.   The Office
  D.   Seinfeld

6. What is the only Great Lake that borders the state of Pennsylvania?
  A.   Lake Ontario
  B.   Lake Erie
  C.   Lake Superior
  D.   Lake Michigan

7. In what year did the infamous Battle of Gettysburg take place?
  A.   1861
  B.   1862
  C.   1863
  D.   1864

8. What sub-mountain range is located in northeastern Pennsylvania?
  A.   Beartooth Mountains
  B.   Pocono Mountains
  C.   Bighorn Mountains
  D.   White Cloud Mountains

9. What is the capital city of Pennsylvania?
  A.   Harrisburg
  B.   Pittsburgh
  C.   Philadelphia
  D.   Wilkes-Barre

10. What NHL hockey team resides in Pittsburgh?
  A.   Red Wings
  B.   Flyers
  C.   Penguins
  D.   Bruins®   

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