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Trivia Quiz - F Troop - Part 2

More questions about the funny antics of the men and women of F Troop.

Quiz Number: 5639
Date Submitted: October 07, 2016
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, TV Sitcoms
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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F Troop  Part 2

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1. About whom did Sgt O'Rourke say, "I don't know why everyone says you're dumb"?
  A.   Captain Parmenter
  B.   Trooper Dobbs
  C.   Corporal Agarn
  D.   Trooper Duffy

2. In F Troop which tribe was the warlike counterpoint of the peaceful Hekawis?
  A.   Flugs
  B.   Shugs
  C.   Thugs
  D.   Brugs

3. What famous battle did Trooper Duffy constantly remind the men he was part of?
  A.   Bull Run
  B.   Gettysburg
  C.   Bunker Hill
  D.   The Alamo

4. Edward Everett Horton appeared in the first series of F Troop with what Indian name?
  A.   Bellowing Rooster
  B.   Busy Beaver
  C.   Wandering Moose
  D.   Roaring Chicken

5. In the F Troop episode "The Day They Shot Agarn", what did the firing squad hit?
  A.   water tower
  B.   barn door
  C.   watch tower
  D.   ammunition store

6. In an F Troop episode, Corporal Agarn leaves the army to manage a musical group with what name?
  A.   Termites
  B.   Bedbugs
  C.   Centipedes
  D.   Dust Mites

7. What endearing name did the men of F Troop have for Captain Parmenter?
  A.   The Big Guy
  B.   Old Reliable
  C.   The Old Man
  D.   Old Iron Pants

8. Which of the following famous partners were not replicated as men of F Troop?
  A.   Gilbert and Sullivan
  B.   Lewis and Clark
  C.   Romulus and Remus
  D.   Stanley and Livingstone

9. In an episode of F Troop, who had their inflamed appendix removed?
  A.   Chief Wild Eagle
  B.   Corporal Agarn
  C.   Trooper Duffy
  D.   Crazy Cat

10. Which member of F Troop had notoriously bad eyesight?
  A.   Hoffenmueller
  B.   Duddleson
  C.   Vanderbilt
  D.   Stanley®   

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