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Trivia Quiz - Augustus Caesar

Augustus Caesar has been called the greatest of Roman emperors. His energy, political awareness and morality made him the first among equals.

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Date Submitted: March 10, 2017
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Quiz is about: Augustus Caesar

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Augustus Caesar
(Image Source: Augustus Caesar)

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1. Born in 63 B.C., what birth name was Augustus Caesar given?
  A.   Drusis Agrippa
  B.   Antonius Cassius
  C.   Tiberius Gaius
  D.   Gaius Octavius

2. Augustus Caesar is generally regarded as what number Roman emperor?
  A.   1st
  B.   2nd
  C.   4th
  D.   10th

3. Augustus became leader of Rome following the death of which famous Roman?
  A.   Nero
  B.   Caligula
  C.   Claudius
  D.   Julius Caesar

4. With which Roman was Augustus a good friend and who later died because of Augustus?
  A.   CIcero
  B.   Brutus
  C.   Mark Antony
  D.   Constantine

5. Following the birth of his daughter, Julia in 39 B.C. what action did Augustus Caesar take?
  A.   He divorced his wife Scribonia.
  B.   He had his wife exiled.
  C.   He made his wife a goddess
  D.   He had his wife killed

6. Whch of the following initiatives was not one of Augustus Caesar's?
  A.   increase the birth rate
  B.   build the Colosseum
  C.   promote the arts
  D.   public building program

7. Upon being appointed President of the Senate in 28 B.C., what action did Augustus take?
  A.   He made himself emperor.
  B.   He abolished slavery.
  C.   He ordered the invasion of England.
  D.   He reduced the number of senators.

8. Augustus Caesar introduced severe financial penalties for what activity?
  A.   gambling
  B.   adultery
  C.   public drunkeness
  D.   obesity

9. What punishment did Augustus Caesar impose on his daughter, Julia?
  A.   He had her assassinated in Crete as he had learned she was plotting to overthrow him.
  B.   He locked her in a cell and starved her to death.
  C.   He banished her because of her promiscuity.
  D.   He had her head shaved because of the lies she spread.

10. Dying in 14 A.D., what anomaly is associated with the life of Augustus Caesar?
  A.   He was really behind the assassination of Julius Caesar.
  B.   The Roman Empire shrank in size during his reign.
  C.   He was never proclaimed emperor.
  D.   His wives made all important decisions we remember him for.®   

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