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Trivia Quiz - Jonathan Swift - Sharp-eyed Satirist

Jonathan Swift achieved eternal fame with his masterpiece "Gulliver's Travels". Take ten questions on this enigmatic writer.

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Date Submitted: September 22, 2017
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Quiz is about: Jonathan Swift

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Jonathan Swift  Sharp eyed Satirist
(Image Source: Jonathan Swift)

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1. In what European city was Jonathan Swift born on November 30, 1667?
  A.   Dublin
  B.   Glasgow
  C.   Bristol
  D.   Swansea

2. Jonathan Swift never married but had a close platonic friendship with a girl 14 years his junior, named Esther. What name did he call her when writing to her?
  A.   Blanche
  B.   Stella
  C.   Rose
  D.   Lily

3. Swift authored all his works with a pen name. Which of the following did he not use?
  A.   A Dissenter
  B.   A Person of Quality
  C.   A Person of Honour
  D.   Boz

4. Which of the following satirical writings was not authored by Jonathan Swift?
  A.   A Tale of a Tub
  B.   The Drapier's Letters
  C.   The Loved One
  D.   A Modest Proposal

5. In "Gulliver's Travels" which of the following groups did Lemuel Gulliver not meet?
  A.   Houyhnhnms
  B.   Struldbrums
  C.   Yahoos
  D.   Googles

6. Swift wrote "Gulliver's Travels" to satirise many institutions and shibboleths. Which of the following was not one of them?
  A.   the insanity of using laws to govern people as they were essentially animals
  B.   the corruptible nature of all men
  C.   Each era regards itself as superior to all others.
  D.   the state of European governments and religions

7. Jonathan Swift was a wealthy man. Which of the following characterised his approach to money?
  A.   Money slipped through his fingers as he enjoyed the high life.
  B.   He was duped by many with untrue sob stories.
  C.   He gave much of his fortune away to charities.
  D.   His approach to money was used by Dickens as a model for Ebenezer Scrooge.

8. Jonathan Swift did not enjoy the best of health. Which of the following ailments did he not suffer?
  A.   Meniere's Disease
  B.   syphilis
  C.   swollen eyes
  D.   paralysis

9. It was alleged Swift caused the death of Mrs Esther Vanhomrigh by doing what?
  A.   inspiring her to sail a boat to Lilliput
  B.   failing to provide adequate fire escape facilities in a building owned by him
  C.   rejecting her proposal of marriage
  D.   satirising her as a character in "Gulliver's Travels"

10. For the last three years of his life, what was Jonathan Swift unable to do?
  A.   speak
  B.   see
  C.   write
  D.   hear®   

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