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Trivia Quiz - House M D - Season 2

More questions on the unique Gregory House and his team, this time from Season 2.

Quiz Number: 5729
Date Submitted: December 16, 2017
Quiz Categories: TV, Radio & Stage, House
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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House M D  Season 2

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1. Who had blood coughed on them by an AIDS-infected patient?
  A.   Cuddy
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   Cameron

2. When House is disciplined by a committee who becomes his boss for a month?
  A.   Wilson
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   Cameron

3. When House and Stacy re-ignite their love interest, what sort of food does Stacy equate him with?
  A.   peanuts
  B.   tequila
  C.   curry
  D.   truffles

4. When a father admits to having sex with his daughter who is a teenage model, who informs Cuddy?
  A.   House
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   Cameron

5. When the pain in his leg becomes too much and House requests Cuddy inject him with morphine, what other substance does she use?
  A.   saline
  B.   ice
  C.   cocaine
  D.   ritalin

6. In one episode in Season 2, House held a team meeting in what unorthodox place?
  A.   his bedroom
  B.   bathroom
  C.   under a patient’s bed
  D.   swimming pool

7. What did Cameron say Chase could do much faster than a patient who had been asked to provide a sample.
  A.   spit
  B.   bleed
  C.   provide a stool sample
  D.   provide a semen sample

8. In retaliation for all the pranks played on him by House, how did Wilson get his revenge?
  A.   painted House’s motor bike pink
  B.   replaced House’s painkillers with laxatives
  C.   gave House’s cellphone number to clinic patients
  D.   sabotaged House’s cane

9. Which doctor admitted to having sex with a patient?
  A.   Wilson
  B.   Foreman
  C.   Chase
  D.   Cameron

10. When Foreman’s life hangs in the balance because of a deadly disease, what animal was found to be the cause?
  A.   flea
  B.   rat
  C.   fish
  D.   pigeon®   

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