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Trivia Quiz - House M D - Season 3

Ten questions on Season 3 of House where personnel and patient challenges abounded.

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Date Submitted: January 14, 2018
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Author: grant228
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House M D  Season 3

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1. What song by The Rolling Stones is heard a number of times and is also used by House to explain life?
  A.   Satisfaction
  B.   Gimme Shelter
  C.   Brown Sugar
  D.   You Can’t Always Get What You Want

2. In Episode 1 Cuddy saves a wheelchair-bound patient by ignoring House’s recommendation and doing what?
  A.   locking him in a sensory-deprivation chamber
  B.   injecting him with cortisone
  C.   dosing him with near-lethal quantites of ascorbic acid
  D.   removing a testicle

3. In the second episode when Wilson told House he (Wilson) feared House would think he was God, what was House’s response?
  A.   I’m much better than that.
  B.   God’s better looking.
  C.   God doesn’t limp.
  D.   I don’t rest on the Sabbath.

4. In the episode “Informed Consent”, who assisted Ezra Powell into a peaceful death?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Chase
  C.   Foreman
  D.   Cuddy

5. What act by House so enraged Detective Tritter that he began a vendetta against House?
  A.   House ridiculed the size of Tritter’s penis.
  B.   House dilvulged Tritter’s sexual dalliances to Tritter’s wife.
  C.   House left a rectal thermometer in Tritter for two hours.
  D.   House misdiagnosed Tritter’s wife’s terminal disease.

6. What was the name of the under-age stalker of House?
  A.   Bo
  B.   Ali
  C.   Sasha
  D.   Randi

7. In the episode “One Day, One Room”, House worked extensively with a patient who had undergone what trauma?
  A.   rape
  B.   torture
  C.   kidnapping
  D.   received AIDS-infected blood

8. In the episode “Half-wit”, House’s patient is a savant pianist. What song do they play together on the piano House wheeled into the ward?
  A.   Come on, Eileen
  B.   I Don’t Like Mondays
  C.   Hungry Like the Wolf
  D.   Tears for Fears

9. In one episode of House Season 3, the action took place almost entirely on what conveyance?
  A.   train
  B.   ship
  C.   bus
  D.   plane

10. Which of the team does House punch in the face when a girl is dying?
  A.   Cameron
  B.   Chase
  C.   Foreman
  D.   Cuddy®   

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