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Trivia Quiz - Walter Raleigh - Explorer, Politician and Writer

There are many legends about the packed life of Walter Raleigh. Test your knowledge of this man who achieved much in his 66 years.

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Date Submitted: March 09, 2018
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Quiz is about: Walter Raleigh

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Walter Raleigh  Explorer Politician and Writer
(Image Source: Sir Walter Raleigh public domain image)

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1. Born in 1552 Walter Raleigh was the cousin of which famous sea captain?
  A.   George Frobisher
  B.   John Hawkins
  C.   Francis Drake
  D.   Richard Grenville

2. Which of the following is not true of Walter Raliegh?
  A.   His first sea command was as a privateer against the Spanish.
  B.   He was knighted for his action against the Spanish Armada.
  C.   He put down a rebellion in Ireland.
  D.   He wrote a book entitled “The History of the World”.

3. Walter Raleigh allegedly laid his cloak across a puddle for which English queen?
  A.   Anne Boleyn
  B.   Catherine of Aragon
  C.   Mary I
  D.   Elizabeth I

4. Walter Raleigh was the first English nobleman to do what?
  A.   smoke tobacco
  B.   dance with a woman
  C.   sail around the world
  D.   print a book

5. As part of his many visits to the New World, Walter Raleigh founded what area, now an American state?
  A.   Maryland
  B.   Pennsylvania
  C.   Virginia
  D.   Rhode Island

6. What agricultural product was Walter Raleigh reputedly to have brought back to England from America?
  A.   corn
  B.   potato
  C.   turkey
  D.   tomato

7. In 1595 Walter Raleigh led an expedition to South America in search of what fabled land?
  A.   Land of milk and honey
  B.   Beulah Land
  C.   Golconda
  D.   El Dorado

8. Walter Raleigh was imprisoned by James I in the Tower of London from 1603 to 1616 for what crime?
  A.   refusal to convert to Catholicism
  B.   treason
  C.   failure to find the fountain of youth
  D.   piracy

9. In 1618 why was Walter Raleigh executed by decapitation?
  A.   Further evidence was found linking him to the Gunpowder Plot.
  B.   He wrote a treatise ridiculing James I.
  C.   He led an attack on Spanish settlements in South America.
  D.   For his treatment of native tribes in South America.

10. What state of the U.S.A. has its capital named after Walter Raleigh?
  A.   North Carolina
  B.   Virginia
  C.   South Carolina
  D.   Florida®   

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