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Trivia Quiz - Australian Political Scandals

Sometimes Australian politicians allow personal foibles to overtake their public commitment. Take ten questions on some of our political masters' mighty mis-steps.

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Date Submitted: July 04, 2018
Quiz Categories: History, Australian History
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Author: grant228
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Australian Political Scandals

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1. Which Western Australian Treasurer became known as the Seat Sniffer following his actions once a female staffer had left a chair?
  A.   Robert Holmes A'Court
  B.   Colin Barnett
  C.   Troy Buswell
  D.   Charles Court

2. Who was the NSW police minister who in 2008 danced in his underwear with a female member of parliament?
  A.   Jason Calare
  B.   Paul Macleay
  C.   Peter Primrose
  D.   Matt Brown

3. Who was the first minister of the Turnbull government to resign after a big night in a Hong Kong bar?
  A.   Mal Brough
  B.   Jamie Briggs
  C.   Sussan Ley
  D.   Stuart Robert

4. Former Foreign Affairs Minister Gareth Evans admitted to a sexual affair with which member of the Australian Democrats?
  A.   Cheryl Kernot
  B.   Natasha Stott Despoja
  C.   Janet Powell
  D.   Janine Haines

5. Who was the Federal Treasurer who later admitted to having a sexual affair with a female principal private secretary?
  A.   John Howard
  B.   Phillip Lynch
  C.   Jim Cairns
  D.   Paul Keating

6. Which NSW parliamentarian resigned in 2009 following revelations he was having an affair with a woman more than half his age?
  A.   Bob Carr
  B.   Nick Greiner
  C.   Eric Roozendaal
  D.   John Della Bosca

7. Which leader of the Australian Democrats resigned after internal party ructions stemming from a variety of causes, including her affair with fellow Democrat senator Sid Spindler?
  A.   Cheryl Kernot
  B.   Natasha Stott Despoja
  C.   Janet Powell
  D.   Janine Haines

8. Which Australian P.M. was strongly suspected of having an affair with Lady Mary Fairfax?
  A.   Robert Menzies
  B.   Harold Holt
  C.   John Gorton
  D.   William McMahon

9. In 2007 who was the member of the strongly conservative "Family First" party who resigned following the publication of photos on gay websites of him exposing himself?
  A.   Robert Zalusky
  B.   Andrew Quah
  C.   Michael Giloolly
  D.   James Spindrift

10. Which Australian Prime Minister died of a heart attack in the company of his secretary, who was later revealed to be his lover?
  A.   Billy Sneddon
  B.   Stanley Bruce
  C.   Joseph Lyons
  D.   Ben Chifley®   

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