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Trivia Quiz - Peter Allen - Flamboyant Performer and Songwriter

From humble beginnings in country New South Wales, Peter Allen became an international celebrity through his talent and drive.

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Date Submitted: July 28, 2018
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Author: grant228
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Peter Allen  Flamboyant Performer and Songwriter

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1. Peter Allen was born on February 10, 1944 with what last name?
  A.   Chesterfield
  B.   Woolnough
  C.   Cranston
  D.   Beaufils

2. In what NSW town did Peter Allen live as a boy?
  A.   Tamworth
  B.   Tenterfield
  C.   Tocumwal
  D.   Tooleybuc

3. In 1967 Peter Allen married which U S singer?
  A.   Shirley MacLaine
  B.   Olivia Newton John
  C.   Joni Mitchell
  D.   Liza Minelli

4. Peter Allen's songs were used by many singers. What song of his became a hit for Olivia Newton John?
  A.   I Honestly Love You
  B.   Physical
  C.   Let Me Be There
  D.   If You Love Me, Let Me Know

5. With whom of the following did Peter Allen not collaborate on a song-writing effort?
  A.   Carol Bayer Sager
  B.   Burt Bacharach
  C.   Carole King
  D.   Christopher Cross

6. Which of Peter Allen's songs was the only one to reach number one in either Australia or the U S A?
  A.   I Still Call Australia Home
  B.   The More I See You
  C.   Don't Cry Out Loud
  D.   I Go To Rio

7. Which of Peter Allen's songs was written as a tribute to his mother-in-law?
  A.   Don't Cry Out Loud
  B.   Quiet Please, There's a Lady on Stage.
  C.   Just Ask Me, I've Been There
  D.   I Honestly Love You

8. In 1988 Peter Allen wrote a Broadway musical with what name?
  A.   The Boy From Oz
  B.   I Could Have Been a Sailor
  C.   Not the Boy Next Door
  D.   Legs Diamond

9. What personal tragedy did Peter Allen suffer in 1984?
  A.   He needed drastic surgery on his throat.
  B.   The death of his mother
  C.   The death of his partner, Gregory Connell
  D.   He lost three-quarters of his fortune.

10. Peter Allen died at the age of 48 from what cause?
  A.   stroke
  B.   throat cancer
  C.   suicide
  D.   accidental drug overdose®   

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