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Trivia Quiz - The Great Fire of London

"London's burning, London's burning" says the old song. The Great Fire of London devastated the city and caused many changes to the heart of England's capital. Test your knowledge of this notable conflagration.

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Date Submitted: October 28, 2018
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The Great Fire of London

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1. In what year did the Great Fire of London occur?
  A.   1066
  B.   1266
  C.   1466
  D.   1666

2. In what street of London did the Great Fire start?
  A.   Tumbledown Lane
  B.   Breakfast Lane
  C.   Pudding Lane
  D.   Chancellory Lane

3. Approixmately how many houses were lost in the Great Fire?
  A.   9,000
  B.   13,000
  C.   18,000
  D.   25,000

4. Which of the following was not considered to be a contributing factor to the spread of the Great Fire?
  A.   There were no organized fire-fighting units.
  B.   overcrowding of the district where the fire started
  C.   Many houses were made of wood and thatch.
  D.   a proliferation of businesses such as foundries, smithies and glaziers

5. Which of the following was also not considered to be a factor in the spread of the Great Fire?
  A.   narrowness of the streets
  B.   lack of coordinated leadership
  C.   improper use of the water supply
  D.   a gale that blew the night the fire started

6. The River Thames also played a pivotal role in the Great Fire. Which of the following was a factor in the devastation?
  A.   There were no bridges across the Thames, stranding many.
  B.   Many jumped into the Thames and drowned.
  C.   There were no units to fight the fire from the water.
  D.   There were many flammable warehouses and jetties along the bank

7. How long did the Great Fire of London last?
  A.   5 days
  B.   13 days
  C.   20 days
  D.   27 days

8. Which notable Londoner chronicled his observations of the Great Fire?
  A.   Christopher Wren
  B.   Francis Bacon
  C.   Samuel Pepys
  D.   Jonathan Swift

9. What famous London landmark was destroyed in the Great Fire?
  A.   Tower Bridge
  B.   Tower of London
  C.   St Paul's Cathedral
  D.   Westminster Abbey

10. Which of the following improvements did not result from the Great Fire of London?
  A.   hygiene
  B.   fire safety
  C.   redesign of the affected area
  D.   accessible wharves and jetties®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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