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Trivia Quiz - Multiple Meanings

There are many words that have more than one meaning. In this quiz for kids match the correct word with the four meanings given. If you're an adult doing this quiz, try to work out the answer before you look at the choices!

Quiz Number: 5781
Date Submitted: December 22, 2018
Quiz Categories: Various
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
Average Score: 70.3 percent
Times Taken: 40 times
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Multiple Meanings

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1. What word can mean: part of the body, bet on, a football position, overdue?
  A.   toe
  B.   arm
  C.   head
  D.   back

2. What word can mean: a game, part of a ship, a structure, part of the mouth?
  A.   keel
  B.   tower
  C.   bridge
  D.   palate

3. What word can mean: just, pretty, light, a festival?
  A.   right
  B.   fair
  C.   ray
  D.   fete

4. What word can mean: a hand, remove with water, startle from cover, to go red?
  A.   flush
  B.   scrub
  C.   scare
  D.   spurn

5. What word means : a group song, a cut of beef, an approximation, a shape?
  A.   fillet
  B.   chant
  C.   measure
  D.   round

6. What word means : important, a musical term, a computer part, a door accessory?
  A.   staff
  B.   key
  C.   knob
  D.   major

7. What word means : instant, a card game, a photo, to speak sharply?
  A.   snap
  B.   whist
  C.   yell
  D.   image

8. What word means : to apply an inside layer, merchandise stocked, a rail route, string?
  A.   twine
  B.   order
  C.   line
  D.   edge

9. What word means : a color, a tree, an area of water, howl?
  A.   inlet
  B.   bark
  C.   bay
  D.   maroon

10. What word means : something drawn, prepare for a contest, aim, part of a bride's gown?
  A.   train
  B.   coach
  C.   surrey
  D.   veil®   

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