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Trivia Quiz - Jack Johnson - The first black heavyweight boxing champion

Jack Johnson was a sensation in and out the ring. He was determined to make the world accept him and his talent, no matter his color.

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Date Submitted: March 08, 2019
Quiz Categories: History, American History, Boxing
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Jack Johnson  The first black heavyweight boxing champion

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1. Jack Johnson was born March 31, 1878 in what Texan town that gave him a distinctive title?
  A.   The Dallas Dynamite
  B.   The San Antonio Slugger
  C.   The Galveston Giant
  D.   The Houston Hulk

2. One of Jack Johnson's early fights in 1901 was against white boxer, Joe Choynski, following which they were both jailed for what reason?
  A.   Prize fighting was illegal in Texas.
  B.   It was illegal for blacks and whites to meet in the ring.
  C.   They were jailed for fighting on a Sunday.
  D.   Johnson refused to take a dive so both boxers were jailed by a disgruntled police chief.

3. Jack Johnson became World Heavyweight Champion on December 26, 1908 in what overseas city?
  A.   London, England
  B.   Cape Town, South Africa
  C.   Tokyo, Japan
  D.   Sydney, Australia

4. Who did Jack Johnson beat to become World Heavyweight Champion?
  A.   Marvin Hart
  B.   Tommy Burns
  C.   Joseph Smith
  D.   Robert Fitzsimmons

5. The arrival of Johnson as the first black world champion prompted many in white America to call for whom to beat him?
  A.   Christ's Avenger
  B.   A Christian with Clout
  C.   America's Saviour
  D.   The Great White Hope

6. In an attempt to wrest the title from Johnson and into the hands of a white man, which previously undefeated champion was persuaded to fight Johnson
  A.   James J. Jeffries
  B.   John L. Sullivan
  C.   Charley Mitchell
  D.   "Gentleman"Jim Corbett

7. Jack Johnson eventually lost his title in 1915 to which legendary boxer?
  A.   Luis Firpo
  B.   Gene Tunney
  C.   Jack Dempsey
  D.   Jess Willard

8. After his career in the ring, what did Jack Johnson become?
  A.   sports writer
  B.   night club owner
  C.   racehorse trainer
  D.   fight promoter

9. Jack Johnson served time in jail for what crime?
  A.   betting on a match he was involved in
  B.   drinking in a whites only bar
  C.   taking a white woman across state lines for immoral purposes.
  D.   public drunkeness during Prohibition

10. Jack Johnson scandalized U S society by marrying only white women. How many times was he married?
  A.   2
  B.   3
  C.   5
  D.   6®   

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