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Trivia Quiz - Dolley Madison

Dolley Maddison's charm and easy-going nature endeared her to all sides of politics as she partnered James Madison through some very dark days. Take ten questions on this interesting First Lady.

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Date Submitted: March 16, 2020
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Dolley Madison
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1. Born in 1768, Dolley Madison was married to John Todd before she married James Maddison. How did her first marriage end?
  A.   Her husband died of yellow fever.
  B.   Her husband divorced her.
  C.   Her husband was killed fighting Indians.
  D.   Her husband was jailed for killing a man in a duel, resulting in Dolley gaining a marriage anullment.

2. Which prominent political figure introduced Dolley Todd to James Madison?
  A.   George Clinton
  B.   Aaron Burr
  C.   Martin Van Buren
  D.   Benjamin Franklin

3. What was the age difference between James and Dolley Madison?
  A.   He was ten years her senior
  B.   She was ten years older than her husband
  C.   He was 17 years older than Dolley
  D.   Dolley was 17 years older than James

4. What honor was bestowed on Dolley Madison by the U S Congress, testament to her popularity and the esteem she was held.
  A.   She was given the official title of First Lady.
  B.   She was invited to open Congress at the start of her husband's second term.
  C.   She was allocated an annual stipend for entertainment purposes.
  D.   She was given an honorary seat in the Congress.

5. During the burning of Washington during the War of 1812, what action did Dolley Madison reportedly take that earned her lasting fame?
  A.   She slapped an English soldier who manhandled her.
  B.   She saved a portrait of George Washington from the fire.
  C.   She led the bucket brigade in an attempt to save the White House.
  D.   She successfully led the evacuation of all children from the capital.

6. What first for the city of Washington did Dolley Madison establish?
  A.   a public library
  B.   a recreational reserve
  C.   a home for "fallen" women
  D.   an asylum for female orphans

7. Dolley Madison's surviving son from her first marriage, Payne Todd, caused her heartbreak due to what?
  A.   alcoholism
  B.   gambling
  C.   mistreatment of family slaves
  D.   denouncing James Madison's tenure as President

8. What did Dolley Madison do In an attempt to escape crippling poverty following the death of James Madison?
  A.   She went on a speaking tour, highlighting her role during the 1812 War.
  B.   She established a tea room and would regale patrons with stories of her husband.
  C.   She wrote a series of novels.
  D.   She sold her husband's papers to Congress.

9. What life-threatening experience did Dolley Madison survive in 1844?
  A.   She was on board a train that crashed at speed.
  B.   A cannon exploded on board a ship to which she had been invited
  C.   She contracted typhus.
  D.   She was knocked down by a runaway horse and carriage.

10. Dolley Madison died in 1849, aged 81. Where can you find her grave?
  A.   In the city of Greensboro, N.C. near to where she was born
  B.   Congressional Cemetery, Washington D.C.
  C.   Montpelier, Orange County, Virginia
  D.   According to her wishes, she was buried in an unmarked grave.®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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