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Trivia Quiz - Connecticut Fun Facts

The U S state of Connecticut has a long and proud history. Test your knowledge of this little gem!

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Date Submitted: September 08, 2019
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Connecticut Fun Facts

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1. What hero of the Revolutionary War was a native of Connecticut?
  A.   John Paul Jones
  B.   Nathan Hale
  C.   Paul Revere
  D.   Alexander Hamilton

2. What is the capital city of Connecticut?
  A.   Bridgeport
  B.   New Haven
  C.   Stamford
  D.   Hartford

3. What state borders Connecticut to the north?
  A.   Massachusetts
  B.   New Hampshire
  C.   New York
  D.   Vermont

4. Who is the only U S President to have been born in Connecticut?
  A.   Donald Trump
  B.   Benjamin Harrison
  C.   George W Bush
  D.   Woodrow Wilson

5. What is the state song of Connecticut?
  A.   Home, Sweet Home
  B.   Yankee Doodle
  C.   Semper Fidelis
  D.   The Glorious Fourth

6. Which of the following is true of Connecticut in comparison to the rest of the United States
  A.   It has the highest per capita income.
  B.   It boasts the best educational performance K-12.
  C.   It is the wettest state.
  D.   It is the most densely populated state.

7. Which Ivy League University calls Connecticut home?
  A.   Brown
  B.   Princeton
  C.   Yale
  D.   Harvard

8. What is the largest industry of Connecticut?
  A.   manufacturing
  B.   finance and insurance
  C.   tourism
  D.   ship-building

9. Many places in Connecticut end with "tuck" which means?
  A.   tree
  B.   fish
  C.   river
  D.   hill

10. Which musical duo hailed from Connecticut?
  A.   The Captain and Tenielle
  B.   Simon and Garfunkel
  C.   Sonny and Cher
  D.   Karen and Richard Carpenter®   

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