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Trivia Quiz - Viruses - their history, what are they?

These tiny parasites have wrought havoc throughout history. Test your knowledge of viruses or learn about these menacing microbes.

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Date Submitted: March 30, 2020
Quiz Categories: Science & Nature
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Viruses  their history what are they
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1. The family of microbes includes viruses, bacteria, yeasts and protozoa. Where do viruses rank in size in this group?
  A.   smallest
  B.   second smallest
  C.   second largest
  D.   largest

2. Viruses were first discovered during investigations to stem disease in what product?
  A.   wine
  B.   milk
  C.   tobacco
  D.   cotton

3. Which of the following is not part of a virus?
  A.   DNA or RNA
  B.   cell wall
  C.   capsid protein coat
  D.   exterior envelope

4. How do virus reproduce?
  A.   in temperatures between 20 & 30 degrees Celsius
  B.   spraying DNA particles
  C.   binary fission
  D.   inside a host cell

5. What is a virus called before it is capable of infection?
  A.   virion
  B.   aviris
  C.   virallum
  D.   monovirus

6. Which of the following diseases is not a virus?
  A.   HIV
  B.   polio
  C.   syphilis
  D.   ebola

7. Which of the following microscopes is used to detect most viruses?
  A.   confocal
  B.   compound
  C.   stereo
  D.   electron

8. Which of the following viruses are beneficial once the host recovers from the symptoms?
  A.   MERS
  B.   latent herpes
  C.   dengue
  D.   Marburg

9. Which of the following is not true in the treatment of viruses?
  A.   Many anti-viral drugs can harm body cells as well as the virus.
  B.   Antibiotics are the best anti-viral drugs.
  C.   Viruses are hard to treat because they mutate quickly.
  D.   There can be a long delay between the infection and when symptoms become apparent.

10. Which of the following is not a recommended method to help combat viruses, especially respiratory ones?
  A.   social distancing
  B.   quarantine
  C.   hand washing
  D.   chicken soup and warm baths®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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