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Trivia Quiz - Ray Charles - "Musical Genius"

Ray Charles recorded some of the most memorable songs of the 20th century while battling many personal demons. Test your knowledge of this masterful musician.

Quiz Number: 5839
Date Submitted: April 06, 2020
Quiz Categories: Music, American Culture
Quiz Type: General Quiz
Author: grant228
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Quiz is about: Ray Charles

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Ray Charles  Musical Genius
(Image Source: Ray Charles Photo Credit to Alan Light)

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1. Ray Charles was this singer's first and middle name. What last name was he given when born on September 23, 1930?
  A.   Price
  B.   Bradbury
  C.   Robinson
  D.   Walston

2. How did Ray Charles lose his sight?
  A.   glaucoma
  B.   car accident
  C.   meningitis
  D.   He was born blind

3. Which performer did Ray Charles initially model himself on?
  A.   Fats Domino
  B.   Nat King Cole
  C.   Charles Brown
  D.   Sam Cooke

4. Which of the following was not a self-proclaimed addiction of Ray Charles?
  A.   women
  B.   heroin
  C.   cigarettes
  D.   gambling

5. Which of the following Ray Charles hits did not reach number one on the Billboard Hot 100?
  A.   Georgia On My Mind
  B.   I Can't Stop Loving You
  C.   What'd I Say
  D.   Hit the Road, Jack

6. Which recording label first signed Ray Charles?
  A.   Decca
  B.   Atlantic
  C.   Elektra
  D.   Vanguard

7. What was the name of Ray Charles' female vocal backing group?
  A.   The Charlettes
  B.   The Georgettes
  C.   The Raelenes
  D.   The Raelettes

8. How many children did Ray Charles have?
  A.   0
  B.   7
  C.   12
  D.   16

9. Which performing giant labelled Ray Charles as "the only true genius in show business"?
  A.   Elvis Presley
  B.   Frank Sinatra
  C.   Billy Joel
  D.   Aretha Franklin

10. Ray Charles was honored by many for his musical mastery. How many Grammy awards did he win?
  A.   8
  B.   11
  C.   17
  D.   33®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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