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Trivia Quiz - Celebrated Castrated Figures

Castration has been used as a punishment, social control, as a method to stop maturation of a boy into a man and in one extreme case below, self-inflicted! Test your knowledge of the following ten examples of famous figures who suffered or advocated this

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Date Submitted: April 22, 2020
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Author: grant228
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Celebrated Castrated Figures

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1. Which of the following executed people also suffered castration as part of their punishment?
  A.   Thomas More
  B.   William Wallace
  C.   Charles I
  D.   Brutus

2. Which Greek god was castrated by his son?
  A.   Hephaetus
  B.   Hades
  C.   Uranus
  D.   Janus

3. Which person involved with the assassination of Abraham Lincoln castrated himself?
  A.   John Wilkes Booth - Lincoln's assassin
  B.   William Seward - Secretary of State
  C.   Samuel Mudd - the doctor who set Wilkes' broken leg
  D.   Boston Corbett - the soldier who shot Wilkes Booth

4. Which Roman emperor became fascinated with a young man named Sporus, had him castrated and then married him?
  A.   Commodus
  B.   Nero
  C.   Caligula
  D.   Tiberius

5. Zheng He was a renowned early sailor who completed many voyages of discovery, but was also a victim of castration. What was his nationality?
  A.   Chinese
  B.   Korean
  C.   Japanese
  D.   Siamese

6. Which male of these famous lovers was castrated?
  A.   Lancelot and Guinevere
  B.   Heloise and Abelard
  C.   Pyramus and Thisbe
  D.   Tristan and Isolde

7. Which computer pioneer underwent castration?
  A.   Charles Babbage
  B.   Tim Berners-Lee
  C.   Alan Turing
  D.   Gottfried Leibniz

8. Which early US President attempted to introduce a bill that would see rapists, sodomites and polygamists castrated?
  A.   George Washington
  B.   Andrew Jackson
  C.   Jogn Quincy Adams
  D.   Thomas Jefferson

9. From which Scandinavian country did Magnus the Blind come? He was a 12th century king who was castrated, blinded and had one leg amputated as punishment?
  A.   Sweden
  B.   Norway
  C.   Finland
  D.   Denmark

10. Which family has a member who qualified to be in Forbes 400 richest Americans, was convicted of murder and also castrated himself in a horse riding accident?
  A.   du Pont
  B.   Ellison
  C.   Bezos
  D.   Vanderbilt®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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