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Trivia Quiz - Lady Bird Johnson - Loved First Lady

Lady Bird Johnson made the world a better place via many environmental initiatives. She also was calming influence on her sometimes strong-willed husband. Take ten questions on the First Lady who was said to be as "purdy as a lady bird".

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Date Submitted: April 26, 2020
Quiz Categories: History, Presidential First Ladies
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Lady Bird Johnson  Loved First Lady
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1. Similar to a number of First Ladies, Lady Bird Johnson was born with a different first name to the one the world came to know her by. What name was she given when she came into the world on December 22, 1912?
  A.   Ernestine
  B.   Freda
  C.   Claudia
  D.   Geraldine

2. What did Lyndon Johnson do on his first date with Lady Bird Taylor?
  A.   explained how he would one day be President
  B.   proposed
  C.   took her to a baseball match
  D.   fell asleep at the movies

3. Lady Bird Johnson was not typical of most First Ladies in that she became an independently wealthy woman by investing an inheritance in what industry?
  A.   media
  B.   oil
  C.   gold mining
  D.   beef

4. Lady Bird and Lyndon Johnson had two daughters. What distinctive characteristic did all the Johnsons share?
  A.   They were the same blood type.
  B.   They all had the operation to eliminate tongue-ties.
  C.   blue eyes
  D.   The had the same initials.

5. Where was Lady Bird Johnson on the day her husband tragically became President on the death of John Kennedy?
  A.   Helping at her daughters' school.
  B.   She was in Dallas with her husband.
  C.   On holiday in Hawaii
  D.   She was at home on the family farm watching the visit on TV.

6. Lady Bird Johnson was a passionate believer in improving the environment especially through beautification of national highways. Which of the following was not part of her initiatives?
  A.   removal of auto heaps
  B.   planting of flowers along highways
  C.   removing the "forest" of highway billboards
  D.   moving roadside diners off highway perimeters.

7. As First Lady, what daily duty did Lady Bird Johnson perform for her husband?
  A.   served him breakfast in bed
  B.   read him the news over breakfast
  C.   massaged his impressive ears
  D.   sang to him

8. What other daily duty did Lady Bird Johnson perform as First Lady?
  A.   She would say hello to at least one White House tour group.
  B.   She would pray for divine guidance for her husband.
  C.   She made an audio diary recording.
  D.   She would meet with her private secretary to gauge public mood.

9. Which of the following presidential quotes was made by Lyndon Johnson about his beloved Lady Bird?
  A.   What struck me about her? Her beauty. Her sheer beauty.
  B.   She is the brains and money in this family
  C.   I meant it when I said she was the greatest First Lady ever.
  D.   My wife is as when she was a girl and I…fell in love with her…I have never fallen out.

10. Lady Bird Johnson received many awards for her public commitment. Which of the following did she not receive?
  A.   U S Forest Service Stewardship Program
  B.   Presidential Medal of Freedom
  C.   Congressional Gold Medal
  D.   A series of postal stamps®    Introduction    Privacy Policy    Conditions of Use    

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